You’ll Never Look At FROZEN VEGGIES the Same Way Again (Air Fryer Frozen Vegetables)

Hey guys it's Rose and welcome back to Cheap lazy vegan and another video just A very quick announcement that the Plant-based bundle is back but just for A few more days the plant-based bundle Is a collection of over 200 vegan ebooks And guides and it is sold at a Discounted price of only 50 dollars Total so you get over 200 different Ebooks for 50 only this bundle includes My weight loss friendly recipes ebook Which came out just a few months ago Called no more cabbage soup so that Ebook contains over 110 different vegan Recipes that are great for weight loss And still taste delicious there's tons Of recipe ebooks but there's also Fitness guides workout tips going vegan Tips so if anyone is going vegan for the Month of January for V January this is Perfect or if you've been vegan for a While and you just need some more Inspiration this is perfect as well this Relaunch ends very very soon on January 8th so do not do not miss out you guys The link is down below for you guys to Purchase and all the different ebooks And guides included are listed in the Link down below as well so yeah I hope You guys enjoy the bundle and let's get On to the video [Music] And another video today you guys we are Going to be using my favorite Appliance

Not of all time but one of my favorite Appliances to use in the kitchen can you Guess what it is you probably saw it in The title but we are going to be using An air fryer yay so if you don't have an Air fryer guys what are you doing put it On your Christmas wish list buy it for Yourself air fryers nowadays are like I Don't know maybe less than a hundred Dollars somewhere in that range you Could get a really good air fryer for Like around 100 if not cheaper this one Is like an air fryer oven okay it's like An oven air fryer so yeah if you don't Have one highly highly recommend it it Is seriously a game changer I barely use My oven because I use this instead okay So today we're gonna be using the air Fryer to air fry some frozen vegetables Yes guys frozen veggies the ones that You buy in the bags in the freezer Section in the grocery store okay do not Sleep on those you guys I love frozen Veggies few reasons why number one it is Convenient it is pre-chopped and ready To go it's already cooked okay if you Didn't know the frozen veggies are like Cooked and then they're frozen all you Have to do basically is thaw them out But the problem is when you cook it the Wrong way it just becomes a bit soggy Right but if you use the airfryer it can Become super delicious so today I'm Gonna do three different types of frozen

Veggies and we're gonna cook it all in The airfryer and all of the details will Be in blog posts linked below very very Simple very easy you will not look at Frozen veggies the same way again let me Just tell you I feel like another thing About frozen veggies that's really good Is that first of all I heard that they Are Frozen when they are the freshest so It's actually good quality veggies You're getting and when they're frozen It kind of retains the nutritional value So you are getting pretty good quality Vegetables that's what I heard okay and Also sometimes it's actually cheaper to Buy the frozen veggies oftentimes Especially nowadays fresh produce can be Very expensive so buying the Frozen one Can be cheaper and also if you like to Travel a lot if you don't cook as often Then having the frozen veggies always in Your freezer can be such a game changer You don't always have to run to the Grocery store to buy fresh produce you Can always have some veggies on hand in Your freezer so they're good to go so Highly recommend always having some Frozen veggies in your freezer Especially if you are cheap and lazy Like me okay all right you guys so the First vegetable we are going to air fry Is going to be frozen green beans yay This is probably my favorite Frozen Vegetable to air fry I think it tastes

Just as good if not better using the Frozen kind than the fresh kind it's Just so much less work and I think it Tastes great okay so highly recommend Green beans as a vegetable a frozen Vegetable to always keep In your freezer okay so based on my Experiments this is the best one so First thing this is not like completely Necessary I've done this without doing This but I mean you might as well if you Remember is to preheat your air fryer Now I normally don't I'm just gonna you Know get it started okay so we're just Gonna we're just gonna get it all Started while we just do the basics okay Again it's not completely necessary but Just to get your airfryer kind of going Air fryers don't necessarily usually Need to be preheated green beans We're gonna have a mixing bowl here And we're just gonna add this is going To roughly measure okay you really don't Need to be very precise I have enough Okay one very important thing is do not Let the vegetables thaw so you want to Air fry them basically from Frozen okay So don't leave the veggies outside don't Let them thaw just cook it from Frozen Okay so these are completely Frozen and What I want to do is simply add just Some ingredients and it's so easy okay So easy by the way all the details will Be in a blog post link below so

Definitely definitely check that out I'm Just gonna add some oil so once you add The oil I just like to toss it a bit Just to let the oil Coat the green beans Okay and then we want to add some salt Lovely obviously you can use whatever Measurements you wish but these are the Measurements I use and I think it's Pretty tasty we're gonna add some garlic Powder and some smoked paprika now I'm Using just regular paprika you can do That as well but I did this with smoked Paprika and it was so so good so I Highly recommend using some smoked Paprika if you have it if not just use Regular paprika or you can just get the Paprika you can use any other seasoning If you want and when you are ready you Can just add The green beans onto the airfryer tray Now they're on the tray try to just Separate them they can be touching a Little bit oh right now we just want to Pop it in the air fryer And it's that simple okay it is that Simple guys that's how you make the Green beans let's see how they taste In just a little bit so what I like to Do is actually halfway through the Cooking process I do like to switch the Trays or toss the veggies around just so That it's kind of cooking evenly that's What I'm gonna do halfway through the

Cooking process all the details and Written instructions the measurements And everything will be in a blog post Linked down below so definitely check That out if you want to know exactly What I did but you can experiment as Well and do your own thing all right Guys they are finished let's have a look Shall we oh Here oh are the airfryer green beans I'm Telling you guys These are so addictive and depending on How crispy you want them you can Actually air fry them for longer as well Should we just try it okay let's try it Hmm Looks so good [Music] I'm telling you These are so good I feel like I never Need to buy fresh green beans again People will never know guys I'm telling You do this all right you guys the next Vegetable we are going to be air frying Is going to be frozen Brussels sprouts yay guys I love Brussels sprouts okay I don't know who Told me that brussels sprouts are gross But I remember when I was a kid everyone Was like oh my God brussels sprouts are Gross like every story was like a child That didn't want to eat their brussels Sprouts and I never ate brussels sprouts Because in Asia we like don't eat

Brussels sprouts so as a Korean we like Never ate brussels sprouts but then I Grew up and I ate brussels sprouts and I Was like this is the best thing ever I Don't understand anyway so Um I really like to buy frozen Brussels Sprouts okay Um I do think this fresh is pretty good But Frozen can be almost just as good as Fresh so once again we are going to Preheat our air fryer okay So once again we're going to add the Brussels sprouts Into our Bowl here and again they have To be completely Frozen you guys okay so Don't thaw them out before you do this Yay for oil and you can also control the Amount of oil you add you don't have to Add exactly what I'm adding Um feel free to add less oil if you feel Like you know you want to do less oil Next of course Salt Is very important my friends you gotta Add that flavor okay we need of course Garlic powder I'm going to use paprika Once again you could add another type of Seasoning as well Um I've done it with multiple different Types it's all going to be tasty just Depends on what you like we're gonna Just flop it I might yeah I don't even Need the second tray it is nice and warm There we go so once again you want to Cook it halfway and then just maybe give

It a little you know like a little Sheiksies and then halfway again so you Don't have to do it but you know if you Want to cook it a little bit more evenly It's nice to do it all right so here are The air fried Brussels sprouts oh my Gosh I'm so excited It looks so good okay let's try it [Music] Um Okay it is so good now One thing I will say with brussels Sprouts it is going to be softer on the Inside compared to the fresh ones like If you cook them from like raw brussels Sprouts because it is cooked already It's gonna be a little bit mushier in The inside but It's so good still I probably could have Cooked it even longer just to char it a Little bit more on the outside but oh It's so good All right you guys so our next and final Vegetable that we are going to air fry Is going to be one of my favorite Vegetables Broccoli yes guys I love broccoli I Always need broccoli so I got mine I got this bag from Great Value Walmart I think this is the Walmart brand yeah Walmart still has Pretty cheap frozen veggies so I got This lovely bag actually this is better Quality than the other bag of broccoli I

Got before which was just like tiny Little pieces these are much bigger Pieces so okay so you guys know the Drill at this point we're gonna do some Oil and then we're gonna do salt you Gotta add that flavor guys it's very Important who doesn't love garlic powder Okay something a little different again You can choose whatever seasonings and Spices you want I figured Gonna add some dill Dill broccoli Stick it in the airfryer here We're gonna do 400 degrees All right you guys here are the air Fried broccoli pieces I find that with Frozen broccoli it does tend to shrink I Feel like more than other veggies so Keep that in mind you might have to make A lot extra because I can definitely Easily eat this in one sitting depending On how charred you want like the florets You can obviously adjust the you know Amount of time or even the temperature a Little bit but I really like it like Charred like I like it like basically Burnt [Music] Um It's so good [Music] Slight Dill flavor it's actually very Tasty it just tastes like delicious Roasted broccoli All right you guys so that was my video

On how to air fry different types of Frozen vegetables as you can see it's Very simple and very easy and frozen Veggies never tasted this good I'm Telling you guys definitely definitely Try air frying your frozen veggies the Blog post will be down below with each Of these vegetables that I air fry so Definitely check that out if you want The exact measurements of everything I Used as well as the temperature the Amount of time and all of that stuff the Written instructions and everything will Be in individual blog posts and those Will be linked down below let me know What you want me to try air fry next Maybe there's something I should be air Frying thank you so much for watching Make sure you subscribe to my channel if You haven't already make sure you give This video a big thumbs up and I will See you guys in my next video bye Foreign [Music]

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