Hey everybody this is Dylan you know I'm All about helping you to simplify your Healthy whole plant food diet we are Making easy meals today because that is What we actually eat in a day so I'll Show you how fast and simple we do it we Are starting with breakfast reebs are You ready heck yeah there's a baby on Your chest yeah he's on YouTube we're Making simple oatmeal you've seen me Make some elaborate oatmeal on the Channel before but the day in day out Oatmeal you could just make it really Fast and easy sometimes we make a Smoothie for breakfast with lots of kale And greens and fruit and flax seeds and All that good stuff today we're doing an Oatmeal I'll show you the smoothie in Another what I eat in a day video I do Not measure anything I just take the Oatmeal pour it in the tank that looks Like about enough for two of us maybe I'll do a little more whatever if There's leftovers I'll put it in the Fridge Luca loves the oatmeal so he'll Enjoy it now for the water it's very Easy you don't have to measure at all I Just turn on the filtered water check This out Reeves and you just start Stirring it and as soon as it stirs Without friction then you have enough Water in there you can always add more It's unlikely that you're going to have Too much if you follow that little rule

Of thumb then just crank the heat on High bring it up to a boil and then We'll just turn it down to medium and Simmer it you know until You didn't know that hack no I am so Sorry that hack works every time now I'm Throwing in a bunch of ground flax meal Reeves and I are both going to be eating This so we'll get lots of flax in there You got to get those omega-3 fatty acids How about some walnuts we don't always Put nuts in the oatmeal but I had this Bag of toasted walnuts extra from Another dish I made for a dip and so I'm Just going to kind of break them up in My hand and we'll throw in a couple of Little tiny handfuls of walnuts into This pot well what dip were you making It was our Walnut mushroom Pate here's Some blueberries I'll just take them out Of here you can wash the whole thing but I just kind of wash as we go take a Couple handfuls throw them in my little Strainer and I'll rinse them under the Faucet okay those can just go right in We're already boiling so I'll just turn It down to like medium and then a Critical ingredient in my opinion is the Well your world date powder you don't Have to use ours you can buy date Sugar At the store but ours is the finest most Delicious day powder ever and you can Get it on our website I put in a nice Big tablespoon maybe even a little more

And that's the oatmeal you could put in A little bit of soy milk if you want as This water starts to get absorbed Usually if I'm re-warming it I'll add Soy milk so it's not too dry that's a Good idea that's a good idea just let it Simmer on medium low for five minutes or So and it's ready to go not even five Minutes sometimes I give it like two Minutes I don't really use the quick Oats because I just buy the regular Stuff Luca give us one of those big smiles You're on camera He just wants oatmeal okay let me just Take a bite for you because we gotta get This kid fed he is getting rambunctious Then I'll throw in a little bit Of soy milk like so you forgot the Cinnamon I'm micromanaging your oatmeal Experience this morning well you ought To You okay let's have a bite Um So simple I can do my emailings while I Eat this I'm gonna sit that baby in his Little chair and I'm gonna feed him some Oatmeal And when he's done throwing everything Around the house we'll move on to lunch It is lunch time and we are going to Keep it super simple today Reeves and I Came up with this meal recently and it Is just so fast and easy it's the

Tastiest Bowl you've ever had what is it Though what are we going to call this Thing ribs easy bowls we did call it a Mexican bootable we call it a Mexican Bootable there you go we made this one On our 10 minute meals cooking show that Is on YouTube check it out and it is Just so fast we've got this Baja roasted Blend there are a few brands that make a Mix of peppers and corn and onion and Some beans but I'm not gonna lie last Time I made this the beans were not Plentiful enough let's have a look so I've got my handy steamer pot you can Use whatever steamer setup you've got Let's throw it in there see there aren't All that many beans why skimp the beans Why skimp the beans it's like all corn So we got to add some more beans to this I've got a can of no salt added beans Try to find the no salt stuff add the Salt when you go to eat it not Beforehand Then we've got one simple bag of frozen Brown rice these usually you can do them In the microwave but we've got the Steamer pot going so let's just marry it Up with everything else now we've got Rice beans the mix let's go to the stove Crank It Up To High we're going to steam It for like five minutes 10 minutes it Really doesn't matter you can't overcook This stuff it's all going to taste the Same and here's where you want to add a

Little bit of flavor we've got our Fiesta blend I'm just gonna sprinkle on Some of that a tablespoon whatever two Tablespoons it doesn't matter here's our Chili lime look at this one it is so Good no salt added no BS in these spice Blends I'm just gonna throw it right on Top we'll mix it later put the lid on Let It Steam and we gotta get to making Some Pico because what is a Mexican bowl Without a little picot on top in my Right I've got three Roma tomatoes Normally I would cut them with this Knife but I think this knife is a little Dull well I can get through it sometimes I take the core out but since I've only Got three Tomatoes left I need as much Substance here in this picot as I can Get so I often use the serrated knife if My other knife is a little dull and I'll Just cut them in half cut them Lengthwise I'm not being careful just Cut them cut them cut them turn it and Then just make some bits whatever I put This on everything I made just a can of Beans on the stove and then a bunch of Picot on top this is my favorite and We're gonna get this whole thing made in Only a few minutes it's fast it's not Like we're making a bunch of food prep This is like a no food prep eating day Which honestly is how we eat most days We don't have time to think ahead and Once you've done this a few times you

Can get really fast at it that's why I Tell people all the time make the same Easy meals over and over just pick one For a month and do that every day for Lunch you don't need 21 different meals Every week you got to keep it really Really simple and then you can just Start doing it without even thinking you Don't have to be a professional Chopper This is a doll knife I'm still getting It done now I've got some cilantro the First time I use cilantro when I buy it I'll just wash all of it I'll buy two Bunches wash it and then I'll shove it Spin it of course you want to get it as Dry as you can and then I'll just throw It in a plastic bag so I've got that Already that saved a little bit of time Because I made this bowl two days ago Now I forgot to buy limes so we're out We're using the squeeze bottle of lime Juice garlic I love the cheater garlic This is another time saving hack you Don't always have to use fresh garlic Garlic isn't usually in Pico is it no I Don't think garlic is traditionally in Pico we're uh we're changing the game Here we got some juice from the Tomato Because I didn't take out the inner core We've got the juice from the lime and Now we're just really going to marinate This together give it a little toss oh That's see just three tomatoes and I Made enough for probably two meals now

I'm just waiting on it you know what I Mean it's probably good do a few jumping Jacks I have been doing my stretch goal For this month has been very successful I've increased my flexibility Significantly which is still very bad Well I can't oh I can't even do my I Swear I'm improving my flexibility my Hamstrings are sore from the workout Okay you have to have a straight back Okay and then go forward I can't do a Lot either you were doing this and That's cheating yeah oh yeah yeah I'm Ready to give this a stir what do you Think Reeves you want to stir that Oh yeah Yeah not a lot of green bell pepper in That mix either other brands do seem to Be a little more generous with their Portions of the peppers onions and beans This is looking lovely lovely lovely now I like to start with some greens this is A great way I'm not I don't do a lot of Salads all on their own when for my Regular meals I might chop this a tiny bit should I Not no I have been just loving this Broccoli slaw get some hearty crunchy Slaw in there pack in the steamer pot That was real hard not not okay I'm not Like an Instagram photo Chef here I'm Not a chef at all Some of that Pico on there oh my Goodness oh that's nice those are

Beautiful colors it is beautiful you Don't have to try hard to make this one Pretty nice so normally we just eat it Like that but we've got this avocado and Now you got some healthy whole fat if You're avoiding avocado and fats right Now because you're doing weight loss no Problem I know many of the people that Watch my channel don't eat salt at all And that's great no problem we use the No salt added beans the freezer stuff That we had was no salt but this is how I do the salt I use iodized salt iodine Is important and you can really only get It on our diet by eating some kelp the Dulce flakes or with iodized sea salt so I take a little sprinkle of iodized sea Salt sprinkle it on top and now you've Got some iodine in your diet you got the Salty flavor but you haven't bombarded Your food with salt like would be if we Use say for example a can of salty corn A can of salty beans or things like that Foreign I love that Mexican flavor all those Spices you do in the beans And it tastes like you spent hours on it How about a little bit of that well your World Sriracha too And so hearty and healthy I love this This is how you eat when you don't want To do food prep you don't want to think Ahead necessarily just have all your Favorite ingredients in stock and then

You can just pick from the list and Today we just picked from the list it is Dinner time well it's a little early for Dinner but we need to start dinner Before that Rugrat gets home what are we Having for dining tonight I've got we Could do the potato corn potato chowder Oh I love that one the colcannon soup Which are similar we can do instant pan City Yeah I have everything for instance the Six quart instant pot for the Ziti this Is a full pot it is all six quarts not 5.9 it might even be six point two it Might it is past the fill line And this is a dump and go recipe I we Eat this probably At least every other week but we should Eat it every week yeah we should I have Some of it memorized but I will have to Consult our trip to the list I want to Show this and you put your favorite ones On the inside of your pantry door you Have 70 favorites now I have three Layers deep and then under this and then Oh there's the instant pot ziti wait the Instanti is a Xerox it's an envelope It's a photo printed out of an envelope From Chase Bank oh I might need to go to The basement for some Tomatoes gotta get Some Tomatoes this is our overflow here We have our ramen noodles I have about 20 bags because I'm always afraid Costco Is going to stop selling them yeah they

Do that canned corns the no salt beans Tomatoes tomato paste then I got our big Bulk bags of beans We have over a hundred quarts of Trader Joe's soy milk because they always run Out so I figure when we're down to about A four month supply I'll order more Because that'll take them four months to Give it to me I'm gonna be low on these I'll explain why but I need to refill This so I've got my big buckets this one Is empty Wow so I buy them in a 25 pound bag Always how do you open these stinking Things okay don't don't get this part Geez I'm embarrassed there we go now I Have my own bulk bins and I can just Fill them up come down here to the Basement fill them up then when I go to The grocery store I'm mostly just buying The fresh stuff you know I love these Lids and this will last you know a good Six months or more of red lentils are You ready to mix those I'm the most Amount of ready let's do our fresh stuff First real simple bell pepper chop it up Dice it up throw it in the pot this is a Dump and go recipe there is no saute Then this then that not let's do some Onion I've got that little tiny red Onion from lunch from our Pico so I Might as well use that am I right I Don't want to ever see half of anything Well we're throwing in one yellow onion

On top of whatever half of an onion that Your wife needs you to get rid of ASAP Real mad about it mushroom time just Chop a few mushrooms you get the stems And all just get it all in there it's All going to get instant potted to Nothing anyway We've got a whole entire meal planner That ribs put together and it's got the Instant pot ziti recipe so click that Link down below and you can get all the Exact ingredients we're going to keep Going through this because I want to Show you some tips and tricks how to Make it really fast I threw the pasta in This stuff's great because for those of You who don't like mushy pasta it Actually keeps its texture really well In the instant pot that's like unique to The red lentil this is an optional Ingredient these are the artichoke They're not for us the Frozen artichoke Hearts from Trader Joe's this bag is Still frozen you don't have to let it Thaw or anything I'm not going to chop Them up any smaller they're just a bite Full of beauty when you finally bite Into one of those oh I love those we got A couple cans of sauce and a couple cans Of diced tomatoes going and do the no Salt added same we already had this Stock Now here's my little trick but we were Out of them so I need you to help me

Refill these today is we take all the Dry stuff and put them into little mason Jars and then you can have it all ready You don't have to measure it out each Time three tablespoons of that got it so These are radish seeds this is an Optional ingredient Rebecca loved that From Trader Joe's that wild rice blend And they put radish seeds in it so we Started doing it in this ziti and it's Like really good so then we gotta go Radish see you don't really need the jar Funnel for this and then you just do it For all your jars now we're gonna do Some crushed red pepper optional maybe a Teaspoon or two whatever I'm not doing The full tablespoon then we need three Tablespoons of Italian seasoning I Should tell you right now that it's a Big pot because that's quite a lot boom That's where you get your flavor folks We're not putting a bunch of junk in Here Here is the well your world nutritional Yeast it's the best there is Non-portified I do three tablespoons of That as well I just love nutritional Yeast granulated garlic we're doing a Whole tablespoon of granulated garlic And dart that thing right into the Little mason jars oh soy curls I don't Put in here because that would be too Big but I do love soy curls in this dish I take like a couple cups worth and I

Break them up in a little bits because They expand a lot once they dry I don't Really measure I just do a few handfuls And I like this and bust them up real Good like that and then just get them in This is the fastest meal prep ever I Love wild rice you could use regular Rice but I throw in a half a cup of wild Rice it just makes for such a nice Texture then I'll do the same thing and All of my beautiful this is when it Really gets sand already am I right yeah Oh I'll make a little mess well guess Where all that mess is going gonna go Right into this instant Pot red lentils Same as the rice sometimes I get people Tell me this gives them a burn warning I've never gotten the burn warning so I Don't know what to tell you you could Use regular lentils though but I like The red lentils for a little bit of Creaminess in this one now let's get to The art Beautiful isn't it And now you just throw your Lids on Throw these in your pantry and you just Saved yourself at least a few minutes on Your food prep for next time we brought That with to hotels and stuff yes we Have taken this to hotels we also take It camping here is all of my waste not Wasted and now we need to fill this Thing up all the way Past the fill line I like to use boiling

Water it's like Six seven cups of water and we'll just Get it in there and we'll mix it in We'll mix stir this thing up look at This oh you're gonna you're gonna blow Your minds when you see it come out it's Just the most delicious beautiful pot of Of Health it's okay that you went a Little bit past the fill line there's Nothing in here that's gonna like expand Or explode lid on Make sure you're sealed and I do 20 Minutes all you have to do was throw Stuff in the pot and you're done so We're going to work that's what you're Done for six months times we're done for Six weeks straight Rebecca likes a Little bit of salty olives on top you Already got some fat from the soy curls In there so if this is too much fat Don't do the olives completely optional But it does add a nice little bit just Sprinkled on top as a condiment so let's Chop some olives while this is cooking I gotta make yogurt for this princess Here so we are making some soy yogurt if You've tried our yogurt before it is the Best look at how thick and beautiful is It's like a Greek yogurt of soy Tangy natural homemade you can use this To start your next batch that's the Content for another video though isn't It yeah Oh it is full

Oh yeah give it a nice turn let's Eat this thing it's gonna be hot ribs Yeah the baby there's a baby in the House are you ready for some food Ready boy let's sprinkle on just a Little bit of Olives That's right is that a hunger crab Hmm That big ziti Um Oh boy The key takeaway here is to get in and Out of the kitchen as fast as you can so You're not spending all day cooking and Feel full and satiated satisfied from All of your meals so that you're not Just like starving all day that is the Most important thing if you want to see More what I eat in a day videos like This one just let us know I could make Hundreds more this is how we really eat Fast and easy thank you so much for Watching we'll see on the next one bye

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