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Aloha my friends Christina here and I'm So happy to share with you what I'm Eating for dinner tonight along with my New favorite dressing recipe I'm Completely obsessed with this dressing I've been eating it every single night For the past week and it's become one of My new favorites if you like pumpkin and If you like turmeric then this one's for You when you're getting into this Lifestyle it really is all about the Sauce and the dressings because when You're trying to eat a salad when you Have a really good sauce or dressing to Add to your salad you go from having a Regular boring salad to having a Transformational Life-changing mouth-watering experience My goal right now is to encourage people To eat one raw vegan meal a day and to Drink one fresh juice a day my 21 day Challenge just started and if you would Like to join us you absolutely still can I've included those links for you in the Description below starting today I'm Hosting 21 days of life live Zoom calls The replays will be posted for those of You who might watch this video after and Who still want to join but if you're Looking for a health and wellness Challenge to be a part of definitely Check it out in the links below and if You're looking to add one raw vegan meal Into your daily Wellness routine let

This salad and this salad dressing be One that you can add into your regular Rotation if you want to reference the Exact dressing recipe for this salad I've gone ahead and just added it into My fully raw recipe app for you you can Check it out in the links below also for Those of you looking to get a new Blender Vitamix is having some epic New Year sales right now I have the a3500 And I love it because the base allows You to switch between using a blender Head attachment and a food processor Attachment the a3500 is essentially a Food processor and a blender combined Into one machine Vitamix also has an Evergreen offer happening with their Ventress blender and that special Discount code is linked for you so if You don't want all the bells and Whistles of the a3500 but you still want An epic high speed blender check out Their Ventress I've gone ahead and Included those special discount links Below for you in the description along With what's on the screen I use my Vitamix multiple times a day whether to Make a smoothie or a salad dressing or a Raw soup it's one of the appliances that You absolutely must have in your kitchen If you're going to approach a raw or Vegan lifestyle I cannot recommend Vitamix enough if this is something You're looking for or that might benefit

You please check out the links below and Enjoy so let me share with you what I'm Eating for dinner along with this Delicious dressing recipe are you ready Let's dive in so I'm going to be sharing With you what I'm eating for dinner Tonight along with my new favorite salad Dressing and I love this dressing Because it is creamy and rich in Nutrients and it can go with anything if You like pumpkin and if you like Turmeric then you will be absolutely Surprised at this delightful combination And how absolutely good it is it might Might just be that I've been obsessed With turmeric lately but this dressing Is to live for as you can see here I Have a beautiful spread of veggies that I will be chopping and preparing to put Into my salad go ahead and grab a dinner Bowl of your choice and when ready you Can add in any greens as the base of Your salad that you wish I'm going to be Chopping up fresh purple and green kale You can also add in other greens like Fresh spinach or Romaine I'm going to Add in some freshly chopped herbs like Cilantro next I'll add in some finely Chiffonotted green cabbage and purple Cabbage using a carrot peeler I'll add In some carrot noodles I absolutely love This hand tool not only does it make Fresh carrot noodles but you can also Add in fresh cucumber or zucchini

Noodles into your salad as well some Diced colorful bell peppers I've got red Orange and yellow some finely chopped Green onions or leek one freshly chopped Tomato and you can sprinkle on some Fresh micro greens or sprouts look how Beautiful this salad is and it only Takes a few minutes to chop and assemble There's just something about preparing Colorful fruits and vegetables that Makes me feel so good these foods are so Nourishing for the Body Mind and Spirit Once you have your salad assembled let's Go ahead and make this delicious Dressing I'll be using a Vitamix blender To make this dressing and when ready go Ahead and add in the juice of Approximately one lime or lemon one huge Thumb a fresh turmeric two to three Heaping tablespoons of raw pumpkin seed Butter approximately a half to one cup Of water a teaspoon of pink salt an Optional approximately three to four Cloves of garlic blend this together Until it becomes completely smooth look At the color and consistency of this Dressing my mouth is watering once your Dressing is Blended you can go ahead and Pour this over your salad and mix it in Another great thing about this dressing Is that it holds well in your Refrigerator in a sealed tight glass are For up to three days so you can make a Big batch of this dressing and use it at

Any time this is such an easy simple Nutritious and delicious rainbow salad That you can enjoy anytime with your Loved ones or friends I hope that this Dinner recipe brings some joy into your Life if you're looking to consume one Raw vegan meal a day this can easily Become one of your raw vegan meal a day Recipes if you're looking to consume one Raw vegan meal a day then give this Dinner recipe a try I hope this recipe Brings you as much joy as it does to me Enjoy my friends Thank you so much for joining me in this Video today I hope you have loved this Recipe if this dressing looks good to You and if you're excited to give it a Try please give this video a thumbs up And hit the Subscribe button because There is only more deliciousness to come If you're interested in getting a Vitamix blender or a special discount Please also check out the links in the Description below everything you need is There for you also if you're looking for More raw vegan recipes you can download My fully raw recipe app available on ITunes and Google Play and those links Are below for you as well I hope this Dressing becomes a staple in your Kitchen and one of your favorites I Can't wait to see you on my next video Sending my hugs and my love bye

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