Vegan TACO SOUP to warm your bones! 🌮

It's cold outside so let's make some Plant-based taco soup Welcome back to the whole food Plant-based cooking show where we make Plant-based cooking easy so we are going To jump right in but first i'm going to Give a special shout out to Christopher Perkins His mom reached out to me and said that Christopher has been watching the show And he has introduced a lot of these Ideas and our recipes to his family so Hi Christopher I hope you love this Recipe and try it out soon All right so first thing we're going to Do I've got one large onion Dice and This is a red onion And for a soup like this that is already Red Where the color of the onion doesn't Matter you should always go for the red Just like the Cabbage that we have here Go for those red colors because those Have the most nutrients and antioxidants All right so we're going to put in Eight ounces of diced mushrooms And this mixture of the diced mushrooms The onions and then two cups of diced Red cabbage This is taking the place of what would Typically be in a taco soup which would Be ground beef so we're kind of looking For that texture So we're just going to cook this down

It's about medium heat and we're I Didn't add any oil to that because these Things release so much juice so we want To cook them until all that juice is Released and then absorbed back up into Them Then we have a half a teaspoon of chili Powder And I would just start with a half a Teaspoon unless you really know your Chili powder and the heat because some Chili powders are super super hot so if It's just mild you can always add a Little bit more chili powder later if You want then half teaspoon of cumin And one teaspoon of smoked paprika and We're just going to cook that into these Veggies and then about halfway through When there that all that juice is still Sitting in there you're going to add two Cloves of minced garlic So we're going to wait for all this to Cook down a bit and then I'll show you The rest of the ingredients While we're waiting for that I'd like to Share some background on our show the Whole food plant-based cooking show is Crowdfunded which means these free Weekly recipe videos along with our Entire catalog of free printable recipes On our website and our Plant-based cooking Made Easy cookbook Series are all made possible in part by

The generous patronage of our supporting Membership Community our supporting Members gain access to great member Perks like our monthly product giveaways Ebooks and in-depth courses including Our 28 days plant-based Made Easy course Where we offer a step-by-step guide to Making the switch to a fully plant-based Diet so if you love our recipes I invite You to join us on our mission to make Plant-based cooking easy and follow the Link in the description to become a Supporting member today Okay let's get back to the show Okay so our veggies are done cooking Here if you want to come take a look at What it looks like when we're ready to Add the rest of the ingredients So this is taco soup this was the Winning vote from our supporting member Vote this month so you see that on the Screen there our supporting members get To vote on whatever recipe ideas I have For that month and whichever one wins Then that's the next one that I work on So this was the winner for January so Here you go guys All right so next we're going to add a Cup and a half of diced tomatoes Six ounces of tomato paste So this is a really tomatoey type of Soup Super delicious I love the soups that Have the real strong tomato flavor

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A cup and a half of black beans that Have already already been rinsed and Drained Four ounces of green chilies and you can Usually find these in the grocery store In the aisles with International Foods Or like rice and beans that type of Thing And then we have six cups of water And I'm using water you can use Vegetable broth if you want I just don't like using vegetable broth In this particular recipe because Usually vegetable broth From the grocery store even ones that You make at home there's certain spices That are in there that don't really go Well with this type of soup it kind of Clashes So I like the the flavorings and the Seasonings that we put in here really to Shine through So the last thing we have to add is I Have some green salt here now if you're Going salt if you're salt free this is a Great alternative I learned this from Chef AJ and I'll give you a link in the Details down below To this project and it is a plant that Grows by the sea So it soaks up all of these minerals And nutrients But it also tastes salty even though It's not actually salt it's a plant

So it's a great alternative if you're Trying to go salt free or really low Salt If you're not by all means you can use a Couple teaspoons of Tamari so we're Going to let this cook for about 20 Minutes and then I'll show you the Finished product All right guys our soup is done come on And take a look It smells so amazing I can't wait to dig Into this I'm going to let this cool for A few minutes because you see how hot it Is and I'll meet you at the table for Taste All right let's dig in I really wish you could smell this it Smells so good in here And what I like to do I like to garnish Mine with a little bit of avocado And some fresh Sprouts these are my Homegrown Sprouts if you're not Sprouting you should Sprout check out Doug Evans the Sprout book It's wonderful It will definitely open your eyes to the World of sprouts All right let's go here Foreign Absolutely Love tacos and these are all the flavors That are in some of my favorite types of Tacos Hmm so good it's a little bit spicy

And if you want even a little bit Spicier Sprinkle a little Tabasco or a little Hot sauce in there and it'll really warm You up on these cold nights

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