TikTok Viral Recipes VEGANIZED! (Tunacado, “Salmon” Bowl, Pulled “Chicken” Tacos) | Cook With Me

Foreign Hi guys it's Rose and welcome back to Cheap lazy vegan and another Cook With Me video today's video we are going to Be veganizing three Tick Tock viral Recipes yes Yay guys I love doing these Tick Tock Videos because it's such a fun way to Try out new recipes and also it's a Great way for me to show you guys how Easy it is to veganize non-vegan dishes So I'm taking three non-vegan Tick Tock Viral dishes and I'm gonna be veganizing Them and I'm so excited so let's just Jump in so all of the recipes will be in Blog posts linked down below so Definitely check those out those are my Veganized versions of all these recipes They'll be linked down below and I'm Also going to link the original recipes Down below as well now the first recipe I want to try is the pulled chicken Tacos I'm not going to show you the Footage because obviously it's like Chicken we don't want to show we you Know this is a vegan friendly Channel This is a vegan Channel we don't show no Animal products okay so I'm gonna try Veganizing the pulled chicken tacos so Instead of using chicken we are going to Be using Boo yay my favorite vegan protein guys We're using extra from tofu and what We're gonna do is we're actually going

To grate the tofu using a cheese grater Yes vegans can use cheese graters so I Have some extra from tofu we're gonna Grate this I'm going to use the big one The big greater one so we're gonna get Some nice little pieces of grated tofu All right guys so now that we have the Entire block of tofu grated so I'm going To take some oil we're going to heat up Some oil on a non-stick pan and the pan Is already nice and heated And we are just going to Add our grated taupe so be careful All right so once it's cooked for a few Minutes and you can see that there isn't Too much moisture left what I'm going to Do is add in the spices this is very Different from the way that the actual Chicken tacos were cooked because Obviously cooking chicken is very Different from cooking tofu but this is Actually a lot quicker plus we don't Have to Harmony chickens I switched up The spices a little bit based on what I Had so I have here some Cajun seasoning Some crushed red peppers some salt we Have some paprika and some Italian Seasoning so I'm just gonna dump this Right in and if you guys need the Measurements they will be in my blog Post that's linked below so I'm just Going to just dump it in and we're just Gonna mix this really well Okay so I'm just gonna set this aside I

May need to adjust the spices a bit Later but let's see first on the same Pan we're gonna add in some bell pepper I have red and green and I'm also going To add in some sliced red onions so They're both sliced thinly I'm just Going to add it onto the pan And we're gonna cook it until we've Softened it a bit so maybe two or three Minutes maybe I'll add in like a pinch Of salt All right guys so the onions and bell Pepper it's been cooking nicely we've Softened them a bit and now we're going To add back in the tofu Along with some chopped tomatoes this is A can of chopped or diced tomatoes that I just put in here let's start by adding In half a cup I'm experimenting as we go Guys so we'll start with half a cup Let's see how this goes all right We're adding more remember the final Measurements will be listed below so Don't you worry okay all right I decided To also add in some smoked paprika I Feel like that would be very nice Add in some of that smokiness but if you Don't have smoked paprika you can just Use you know regular paprika all right So on to the pan we're gonna keep the Heat on we're gonna add in a little Vegan butter this part is optional but It's gonna make the taco nice and crispy On the outside you can also just use a

The Flat Belly Code

Little bit of oil just a small amount Will go a long way guys okay So we're just going to let that nice and Let's get that nice and greasy and then We're gonna add in our tortillas okay so We got two tortillas okay you can use Corn or I'm just using flour I'm just gonna get it nice and greased I'm gonna get one nice and greased up And then we can add some vegan cheese This part is optional you can just do it Without cheese but it'll make it like You know stick together a little bit Better we're gonna add some of that Filling We're not a little bit of cilantro I'm On team cilantro I don't know about you Guys but especially on a Taco I gotta Have cilantro and just top with a little Bit more vegan cheese And then we're just gonna close this Baby up Oh look at that it's already getting Nice and crispy Oh it's gonna be so good let's make Another one one more again I just kind Of like to flip it a few times just to Make sure it's nice and crisp Make sure it's not burning on one side You know what I'm saying guys I have yet To take pictures but we gotta try one of These while it is still hot I made a few And oh I have to try this while it is still hot

Let me just take a bite here [Music] That's delicious the vegan cheese taste Is a bit strong And I think it would be great without The vegan cheese as well but it's very Good wow so much flavor I don't know what the chicken one tastes Like but this one tastes freaking good All right guys before we move on to the Next recipe let's talk about the sponsor Of today's video Helix sleep if you have Not heard of Helix sleep they make Premium mattresses that are customized To fit your specific needs and they are Delivered straight to your door as you Guys should know by now sleep and good Quality sleep is very very important to Our health and wellness and overall Quality of life okay it is very Important for us to get good sleep and We all have specific requirements and Different needs my friends okay we are All different we're all built Differently we sleep differently which Is why Helix sleep they recognize this And they created a sleep quiz where Basically it's just gonna ask you some Questions some basic questions it's very Quick they ask you some questions about The way that you sleep your preferences If you like a firm mattress or soft Mattress yada yada yada and then it's Going to match you to your specific

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Get on to the next recipe alright you Guys so the next Tick Tock viral recipe We're going to be veganizing is the Salmon rice bowl by Emily Mariko this is Like a random dish that I feel like she Just kind of like whipped up and it just Like randomly went viral that's my guess Because it's just one of those things That you would just eat you know Randomly you know just throw things Together and somehow this became super Viral and super famous and everybody Started making it so today I'm going to Make a vegan version of it and it's Gonna be delicious let's get started so First we have a Pan Once Again heating Up it's just getting you know getting Nice and warm and I also have some tofu Once again I've already grated this Using the same method as the last recipe So we have the tofu ready and then let's Just prepare like a nice little marinade So first we have some kelp powder this Part is optional but if you really want That kind of fishy taste it's gonna Really bring out that fishy taste I have This thing of kale powder that I bought A very long time ago and I still use it To this day and I just added into dishes That I want to add to that fishy flavor And it works really well so I have some Kelp powder I have some garlic powder we Have a little bit of turmeric and we Also have some beetroot powder I got

This beetroot powder on Amazon this is Just gonna bring out that red color that You get from salmon this is optional you Don't have to add this but if you want That kind of visual salmony effect then Beetroot powder you can also just like Grind up beets and like put this all Into like a blender if you watched the Video where I try to make vegan salmon And I followed the recipe by Sam from it Doesn't taste like chicken I actually Blended some actual beetroot with you Know everything else and made the Seasoning that way but I figured that It's a lot easier to just use beetroot Powder so we're just using beetroot Powder to bring out that color and so Those are the seasoning let's mix Together the seasonings together here so We're just gonna Throw that in be careful with that peat Root powder it's going to be very very Colorful and then next we have some miso Paste now you're supposed to use white Miso paste but I'm going to try with Regular because I don't have white so Preferably white miso paste but let's See how the regular one turns out and Then we have some better than bouillon Seasoning which is basically like a Really concentrated very salty vegetable Seasoning if you don't have better than Bouillon like this sort of like wet form You can use some vegetable bouillon Cube

So we have that and then what I'm gonna Do is add in in here some rice vinegar Or apple cider vinegar I have rice Vinegar so we're just going to add that In I'm going to thin out this mixture Here using just a small whisk we're Going to add in the seasonings with the With the veggie bouillon and miso let's Just mix it so we have this like lovely Paste yeah I think I'm gonna add in a Little water and then I'm just gonna add In maybe like one or two tablespoons of Water let's start with two just to make This a little bit thinner there we go Okay next I'm gonna add a bit of salt Next I'm gonna use is a Nori sheet this Is gonna bring out that lovely fishy Flavor even more so I'm just gonna Crumble it okay now one thing you could Do which I you know which I do recommend If you're not lazy like me is to just Blend up the Nori sheet and all of the Sauce ingredients in like a small Blender and that really gets that like Fishy delicious flavor and now let's Just pour in this sauce Into the tofu and then we're just gonna Mix this when I was going vegan one Thing I thought I could never give up Was salmon or fish so having these Salmony sort of recipes is a game Changer all right you guys so now we Have this pan it's heated up very nicely I'm gonna add in some oil and then let's

Add in our vegan salmon flakes All right let's start mixing it a bit All right so the salmon appears to be Ready Foreign You will not believe how fishy this Tastes Oh my God all right you guys so now that We've finished our flaky salmon we are Going to be creating the salmon Bowl now We have here some lovely cooked rice I Have about a cup of rice I think per Serving would be good but obviously eat As much as you want we have some rice Here and we're gonna add a little bit of Soy sauce we don't want to do too much But just a little bit okay so we're just Gonna mix this once we have that Rice oh Now that we have the rice and the lovely Soy sauce we can add in That vegan salmon oh now you can just Mix it in but I kind of like the Aesthetic of this and the later you can Mix it yourself now we can add a little Bit of vegan Mayo on top oh We can also drizzle on a little bit of Sriracha this is optional but you know Okay now we're also going to add in some Avocado this is optional but this is What you know this is what the tick tock Entails now we can add the avocado Slices and then on top we're gonna add Some sesame seeds and there you have it A vegan salmon Rice Bowl now next part

Is optional but I like to always add Some green onion add a little bit of That to the top oh look at that nice pop Of color and you gotta eat it with vegan Kimchi okay so we're not a little side Of vegan kimchi if you need a very Delicious and authentic vegan kimchi Recipe I have a video of my mom's recipe Over on my channel so I'll link that Down below add a little side of that now Obviously you don't have to make it this Pretty okay you can just you know mix it All together and eat it But here is the salmon Bowl veganized Way to try it all right you guys a time To try this is My bowl Emily Mariko she eats it with of Course roasted seaweed which is you know One of my favorite things as well so We're gonna eat it together with the Roasted seaweed oh This can't like this has to be delicious Again okay Oh wow it's so good let me try without The roasted seaweed adjust the bowl Foreign You guys it's so good You will die if you miss fish if you Miss salmon if you miss Seafood Oh my God you will not know this is so Good That's the next level Next Level all Right guys last but not least we're Gonna be making a vegan version of

Tunakato Sandwich this seems to be very Trendy right now and obviously it's not Vegan and today we're gonna veganize it It seems relatively simple it's Basically a tuna salad so we're gonna Make a vegan tuna salad with a pesto and Serve with avocado in a little sandwich Thing so first let's make our pesto now I have an oil-free kind of creamy pesto Recipe on my blog which I'll link down Below but I feel like this one is a Little bit different I want that kind of Like standard pesto okay so we're gonna Make a pesto but I could not find pine Nuts anywhere in my house I thought I Had pine nut but I guess I used it all Last time I made pesto so I don't have Pine nuts but instead of pine nuts we're Going to use sunflower seeds so we're Gonna make a really simple vegan pesto With sunflower seeds so first we're Gonna need a food processor so I'm just Gonna open it up okay and then we're Gonna need basil so we have here lots of Basil we're gonna just throw that in Here you don't want to waste a leaf okay So we're gonna add baso now if you can Find just a vegan pesto somewhere where You live you can just use a store-bought Pesto if you don't want to be bothered With this but I mean who doesn't love a Pasta you know and then we're gonna add Some lemon juice and sunflower seeds And then we're also gonna add some salt

Garlic how could I forget garlic very Important Add some garlic mine's already minced But you can just use cloves of garlic And then we're gonna blend it and as We're blending we're gonna slowly pour In our olive oil okay and slowly Because we don't want to act too too Much we just want to make sure we're Forming like a nice sauce So I'm just gonna Pack it down a little bit more go again [Music] Smells so good yeah so the Newt is Actually quite optional because this Actually tastes really good without Nooch by nuch I mean nutritional yeast For those of you new vegans out there But I feel like with pesto you gotta you Gotta have some something cheesy okay so I'm gonna add in a little more olive oil The final recipe will be on my blog so Check that out but right now I am Winging it Hmm smells so good now we're gonna make A chickpea salad this is going to be a Chickpea tuna salad yes my friend so we Have here some celery and some red onion Here we go so we're just gonna dice it Quickly just chop it It's that quick now we can add into the Food processor the chickpeas okay we Have some chickpeas this is a can it was Drained and rinsed thoroughly we're

Gonna add a can of chickpeas we added Some chickpeas and now I also want to Add what did I tell you guys my magic Ingredient cow powder again this is Optional you don't have to add this but If you really like that fishy flavor This is you know it's recommended it's Not a must but it's recommended if you Don't want to use cow powder what is This a Nori Nori sheet now this one too I love a fishy taste okay I don't so you can use Kale powder and Or a Nori sheet and we're also going to Add some black pepper some salt and now We can blend this up Now I like to keep it a little chunky Now the recipes I've seen they make like A tuna mousse which kind of looks gross And that's just hummus okay uh so we're Just gonna I still want it in chunks but if you Want you can blend it up so that it's All I don't know moussey or whatever now In here let's add in some vegan mayo and Then we have some Dijon which I love Let's give this a mix Oh my God it's a tuna salad seriously I'm telling you tastes like tuna I'm not A little more salt All right now let's put together the Sandwich the tunicado sandwich but vegan Yay okay you guys we're almost done the Tunicado sandwich next thing we need are Some tomato slices

So I'm just going to slice up some Tomatoes and then we have the avocado of Course because it's a tuna cattle Sandwich you can't make a tuna cotta Sandwich without the avocado and now We're just going to put our pesto And we're just gonna just spread it okay Spread it across and then uh I guess I Guess I'll top with the chickpea salad The vegan tuna salad I don't know if I'm supposed to go in Some kind of order but I'm not going to Because who cares and then avocado I think I'm doing this right hopefully There's no science behind the order of These things Okay and then we just want to top with Salt and pepper And then I guess we just close this baby Up Oh my Lord all right I'm gonna use this Like what is this called see this is how You know I don't really know anything About cooking cast iron pan this just Plop it on now if you have a panini Press that would be better but I don't Um or you could just do this on a Regular pad it doesn't really matter All right now we have this let's cut it In half cut it off Oh my gosh can't wait to eat it look at It okay I'm just gonna try it because I'm really curious as to what this Tastes like

[Music] Um Let's be honest it's a chickpea avocado Sandwich with some pesto Of course it's gonna be delicious I gotta stop Program It's also good all right you guys so That is it those were my veganized Tick Tock viral recipes oh my gosh I was so Happy with how every single one of these Turned out everything was so delicious And as I mentioned earlier all of the Recipes that I made today will be in Blog post linked down below so make sure You check those out and make sure you Give me a five star review on all the Recipes and I really hope you guys try These because every single one of these Were so good and this again shows how Easy it is to veganize recipes like it's So simple and delicious and it still Retains all that delicious taste my Favorite thing I think was it has to be The salmon Bowl it is so good I'm gonna Be making this over and over again for Sure I think what I'll do is I'll make The salmon in like a big batch and then Just eat it you know throughout the week Oh my gosh it is so delicious and then My second favorite was probably oh I Can't decide but I think it was the Tunicado Um although the tacos were delicious as

Well everything was so good so I highly Recommend trying every single one of These ah so delicious and um yeah I hope You guys enjoyed this video make sure You give this video a big thumbs up and Once again do not forget to check out Helix sleep if you are looking for a Mattress there's a link down below and You can get up to 200 off your mattress Plus two free pillows so thank you so Much to Helix sleep for sponsoring Today's video thank you guys for Watching and I'll see you guys in my Next video bye [Music] Foreign [Music]

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