Teriyaki Salmon Bowl | Healthy Meal Prep Recipe

Hi lovelies if you find yourself in a Bit of a lunch rut then look no further Than this absolutely incredible sweet And savory teriyaki salmon bowl that is Just bursting with amazing flavor and Packed with nutrition as well now if You're anything like me maybe one of Your resolutions this year is to eat More salmon that's definitely one of Mine and this is an amazing way to do That We're gonna get started by mixing up a Really quick and easy teriyaki sauce now You can buy teriyaki sauce at the Supermarket of course pre-made but Teriyaki sauce is actually made with Stuff you probably already have on hand In your pantry or your refrigerator to Get started in a small bowl here I have Got some tamari sauce which is just Basically gluten-free soy sauce if you Want to use soy sauce instead no problem At all you definitely can To that I want to add a good amount of Sweetness so I'm going to do that with Some agave syrup if you prefer to use Honey in your cooking you can use that Brown sugar is also really traditional Here so whatever you prefer to work with You are welcome to do it I'm also going to be adding some rice Vinegar to that and a little bit of Sesame oil sesame oil has this lovely Nutty flavor that's just really really

Gorgeous especially with salmon I'm also Going to be adding even more flavor here With some minced garlic and as you know I never hold back on the garlic And some freshly grated Ginger now if There's just one place you always want To go fresh it's with your Ginger I just Think the flavor of freshly grated Ginger is the absolute best then I'm Just gonna head in here with my whisk And give this all a quick whirl And voila you've got Teriyaki goodness Just ready to be poured all over your Amazing salmon I'm gonna set this aside While I get to work on firing up my pan I've got a non-stick skillet here Heating up over medium-high heat into That I'm going to add just a little bit Of oil now for this recipe I am starting With a large salmon fillet I found it on Sale at my Supermarket which is always Great because these days I'm trying to Save every penny I can basically I just Remove the skin from my salmon fillet And then cut it into one inch cubes if You didn't want to do this recipe with Salmon you also have the option to swap In chicken here it would be just as Delicious I love any chance to get more Efficient to my diet so that's what I'm Using today and what I'm going to do is Get it directly into my pan into that Nice hot oil in a single layer and I Want to give it a chance to get nice and

Brown on all sides before I add my Amazing teriyaki sauce I am going to Season my salmon up with a little bit of Salt You don't need too too much because of Course our teriyaki sauce is made with a Base of tamari sauce which is plenty Salty on its own but I like to add a Little bit of salt it also helps that Crust develop as well and we'll just let This cook away until it's nice and crisp On the outside and nice and pink on the Inside Foreign You want to make sure to toss your Salmon regularly so that it's getting Nice and brown on all sides but you want To also be cautious because you don't Want to shred your salmon in the process And just as soon as you start to see Those nice crispy edges forming you know It's time to add your incredible Teriyaki sauce I'm going to go ahead and Pour it right over top of my salmon At first it will seem like a lot of Liquid in your pan but very quickly what Will happen is that sauce is going to Start to reduce and become nice and Syrupy and really start to coat that Salmon that's when the Teriyaki magic Really happens hmm also have I mentioned That it smells unreal in here After just another say three to four Minutes of tossing that salmon in that

Sauce you can see it the magic has Happened here that amazing teriyaki Sauce has coated this incredibly tender Salmon and this is ready to be devoured It smells incredible and I am so ready To dive in Now this salmon can be enjoyed in so Many different ways I like serving this On a bed of cooked rice with some lovely Crunchy cucumber slices it adds a ton of Freshness to this I also love adding Some edamame here for more great protein In this bowl I always have edamame on Hand in my freezer I keep it there and Then just thaw it right before serving I'm also going to add a little bit of Creamy avocado And now I'm going to pile on my Incredible teriyaki salmon and as you Can see it's just incredible I finish it off with some green onion And sesame seeds for good measure and oh My gosh guys you have a dish that is Absolutely irresistible This dish is sweet and savory fresh and Flavorful packed with nutrition there is A lot to love about what is happening in This bowl right now And I am about to love it for lunch This can be enjoyed immediately or you Can put it aside for meal prep it will Last in your refrigerator for two or Three days there is so much to love About it and I hope you will give it a

Try for yourselves if you do be sure to Tweet me Instagram me or Facebook me a Photo because you know how much I love Seeing your Kitchen Creations remember This recipe like all of my recipes can Be found Linked In the description box Below or you can find it on our amazing Meal planning site healthymealplans.com If you haven't checked out healthy meal Plans yet I hope you will it's our Amazing meal planning site that allows You to browse more than a thousand Recipes drag and drop them into your Weekly meal plan and then automatically Generates your grocery list for the week How great is that I hope you'll give it A try thanks as always guys so much for Watching and finally if you haven't Already be sure to subscribe because There is lots more deliciousness where This came from

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