Spinach, Mushroom and Butterbean Curry #shorts

Welcome to spinach butter bean and Mushroom Curry that's so tasty Genuinely magnificent I never thought This took five minutes to make and it's Packed full of diversity and nutrients Good for your immune system your good Health and just your overall well-being First Step funny dies half a tom-sized Piece of Ginger heat a non-stick pan on High heat and add a little bit of oil Chop up 200 grams of oyster mushrooms And mushrooms of choice and fry them Down with the ginger finely dice two Cloves of garlic and half a red chili Limous seeds if you want a hotter we're Only one tablespoon of cumin seeds and Two tablespoons of tamari or soy sauce And really mix it through put in a tin Of drained butter beans tinor chopped Tomatoes and half a tin of coconut milk Just to make it a delicious and creamy But less indulgent because it's January Two tablespoons of curry powder half Teaspoons of teaspoon of ground black Pepper and mix that through taste and Season it to your liking by adding more Salt lime or some ground black pepper Take some baby spinach we grew this on Our farm you do not need a farm to grow This video and mix that through give it About a minute to allow it to wilt and Cooked and leave some coriander shoots That we grew in the farm and they're Just such a pop of flavor serve this

With your grain of choice we're just Using bran basmati rice layer it on Season with some pickled red onions a Little bit of the coriander shoots voila Delicious simple so tasty dinner then Combine for the full recipe cheers

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