Protein Packed Salmon Bowls | Healthy Meal Prep Idea

Hi lovelies as we welcome 2023 I am more Committed than ever to making my health A priority which is why I am so excited To be partnering with ritual to bring You this absolutely delicious protein Packed salmon bowl that is just bursting With good for you ingredients Speaking of good for you ingredients Rituals essential for women multivitamin Has become my daily go-to Part of my New Year ritual it's packed With nine high quality nutrients that Can be hard to get every day even with a Healthy diet on top of that there are Clean and traceable products are non-GMO Vegan gluten-free allergen free and Contain no added sugar so there's a lot To feel good about with products for Every stage of life like kids teens pre And postnatal and 50 plus ritual Supports the health of your whole family And they're giving you 30 off your first Month to help you build a wellness habit That lasts you can find all the details In the description box below Now without further Ado let's get to Today's delicious protein packed salmon Bowl This salmon is just so fresh and so Flavorful and it is perfect for meal Prep so you can make a nice big batch And store it in the refrigerator until You're ready to eat it so I've got four Beautiful salmon fillets here and I'm

Going to start by seasoning them Liberally with a little bit of salt and Then I'm going to add my dried herbs Starting with some oregano some basil Some parsley and some dill you can use Fresh herbs here but I always find dried Herbs or a little more forgiving they Tend to burn Less in the oven and I Always have them on hand I don't always Have fresh herbs on hand so the dried Herbs are great next I'm going to add Some minced garlic to that as well as Some olive oil And then I'm gonna go ahead and add the Juice of half 11. Okay so now that my salmon is coated in All of this incredible flavor I'm just Going to go ahead and pop it into the Fridge and let it marinate for between 15 and 30 minutes the good news is it Doesn't take long to infuse it with all Of that amazing flavor When I'm ready to cook them I'm going to Preheat my oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and cook them for between 10 And 12 minutes And then while those are baking away I'm Going to set to work on creating this Absolutely amazing protein packed salad It's just sort of with my salmon So in my bowl I'm starting with some Cooked quinoa that I've allowed to cool And to that I'm going to add some Chickpeas so these are canned chickpeas

They've been rinsed and drained I'm also Going to go ahead and add tons of great Crunch with some mini cucumbers here That I've thinly sliced as well as some Cherry tomatoes I love the flavor of red Onion so I'm adding some thinly sliced Red onion here if you want to skip it You definitely can some people have very Strong feelings about red onion either Way if you want to skip it go ahead and Leave it out but I think it adds a ton Of beautiful flavor and then speaking of Flavor I am also going to be adding some Freshly chopped Dill here so fresh herbs Are so beautiful in a salad like this if You don't have Dill you could use Parsley or basil instead both would be Really yummy but Dill is absolutely Delicious with salmon as you know Now to dress this salad I'm keeping Things really simple I've got a couple Tablespoons of olive oil headed in here And the juice of half lemon And honestly guys there is so much Goodness in this bowl I'm going to stir this up really well to Get it all coated in that dressing When it's time to assemble my bowls I'm Just going to pile this salad on top of Some mixed greens and then finish each One off with a piece of that gorgeous Salmon guys I cannot begin to tell you How absolutely delicious these bowls are They're perfect for lunch dinner and

They are packed with protein and there's Just so much to feel good about So Fresh So Delicious the perfect way to Start the new year I hope you love this recipe is as I do And that you will give it a try for Yourselves if you do be sure to tweet me Instagram me or Facebook me a photo Because you guys know how much I love Seeing your Kitchen Creations this Recipe like all of my recipes can be Found on the and I want To thank rituals so much for sponsoring This video remember they are giving you 30 off your first month to help build a Wellness habit that lasts you can find All those details in the description box Below finally thank you so much for Watching and if you haven't already be Sure to subscribe because there is lots More deliciousness where this came from

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