Must Try Vegan Recipes for 2023 | 7 Delicious Dinner Recipes

Hi everyone welcome back to the channel And happy New Year I hope you've all had Really lovely holidays I know I have but Now it's good to be back and I thought We'd start this year the same way I've Done the last couple of years with a Compilation video of recipes that I Think to serve a Second Glance and I Think you will enjoy starting this new Year and I also want to thank Squarespace for sponsoring this video But I will tell you a little bit more About them later so in this video I will Share seven recipes that will be good For dinners or lunches most of them will Be recipes that I shared in one way or Another last year but a couple of them Will be from the archives and that's Where I'll start I want to share my Tuscan bean soup or an Italian you would Call it rippolita which I've learned Since I posted that video it's a really Yummy soup that uses winter veg in a Great way so you've got carrots onions Kale and what I really love about it is That you use tomato in the broth which Just makes it really delicious First I'm going to Google and chop a Brown onion and it doesn't have to be Particularly fine you can just do a nice Rough chop Next I'm going to cut some carrots as Well and I like to cut them into fourths Like this and then chopping them into

Little cubes I use about three medium Sized carrots for this recipe but it's Very flexible so you could use a little More or a little less if you wanted then I also cut up three large celery sticks Into the same size pieces as the carrot I fed these chopped vegetables aside and Prepare some kale and I'm using Cavallo Nero here or Dino kale but you could use Other types of kale also if you can't Find Dino kale or you just have some Other type of kale on hand and I'm using About 150 grams worth and I'm removing The leafy part from the stem and then I'm going to rip that leafy part into Smaller bite-sized pieces and set those Aside Foreign Then I'm also going to chop up the stems Because you know you can eat the stems Right they're really yummy in soups and I just chop them pretty finely and add Them to my pile of chopped veggies With that prep done I'm ready to cook The soups I heat a large pot over medium Heat and I add about one or two Tablespoons of olive oil to that and Once it's hot I add all the chopped Vegetables and I saute them with a Little bit of salt for about four or Five minutes until they've softened Nicely and released a lot of liquid I Like to partially cover the pot with a Lid in this process just to allow the

Vegetables to steam and you'll be ready For the next step when the veggies are Nice and glossy like this and next up I'm going to add in some garlic cloves I Used three garlic cloves for this recipe And I just peel them and press them into The pot I sauteed the vegetables along with the Garlic for another minute or so just to Cook off that raw garlic flavor and then I add in a liter and a half of water I Also add in a 400 gram tin of chopped Tomatoes and this together with the Water makes up that liquid soupy base For the soup next I season with one Teaspoon each of dried basil dried thyme And dried rosemary and I also add in one Vegetable stock Cube or you could use One tablespoon of vegetable stock powder Then I turn up the heat and give all of That a good mix and then I add in two Tins worth of white cannellini beans That's about 460 grams worth and I stir That through and then I allowed the Water to come to a boil and then I Turned it down to a simmer and allow it To simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes or Until the carrots are tender but not too Soft Once the soup has simmered away and the Carrots are tender I added my kale Leaves and allowed them to simmer in the Soup for about 2-3 minutes maybe a Little bit more a little bit less

The Flat Belly Code

Depending on how tender your kale is you Just want it to wilt and become really Nice and soft I also like to see some With salt and pepper here and make sure That the flavor is on point because this Is the soup finished I like to serve it In quite shallow bowls I think it gives It a sort of rustic look which goes Really well with the soup and on the Side I like to serve some garlic rubbed Bread all you need to do is toast some Bread cut a garlic clove in half and rub It all over the bread and it's a nice Thing to dip into the soup finally I Sprinkle over some vegan parmesan or Nutritional yeast this is optional but It tastes really yummy Now let's go from this hearty and Warming soup to something more fresh and A little bit spicy with my cauliflower Rice salad and spicy sticky tofu last Year was definitely an exploration year For us here at home when it comes to Tofu and the way I prepared in this Video or in this recipe is one of our Favorites so I'm happy to share it with All of you maybe some of you Skeptics Out there might find a way to enjoy tofu And the rice cauliflower salad it's not Actually rice it's just cauliflower That's been chopped very fine it's a Super Fresh and it also has lots of Herbs which makes it even more so so Yeah here it is to make the best use of

The time for this recipe that is Actually the most complicated of the Three I get started on the tofu and to Serve four people I'm using a 400 gram Block of extra firm tofu that I pat dry With a clean tea towel just to get rid Of any excess liquid Once the tofu is as dry as it will be I Cut it into cubes about a half an inch Wide to me this is a good size for the Tofu for this recipe but of course you Could cut it smaller or bigger if you Like Then I transferred the tofu cubes into a Mixing bowl and I'm going to mix them With three tablespoons of corn starch And I'm adding this little by little to The bowl and then I toss the tofu in the Cornstarch to coat them well and this Will help them crisp up when I go to fry Them later Foreign I add about two tablespoons of avocado Oil to a skillet or a non-stick frying Pan over medium heat and then I add the Tofu and let it fry until it's golden on The one side and then I keep flipping Them while I multitask other things and The first of those other things is Preparing the glaze for the tofu so I Pour a third of a cup of soy sauce into A small bowl along with a quarter cup of Tomato puree followed by three Tablespoons of maple syrup and one

Tablespoon of rice vinegar I'm also adding in one tablespoon of Toasted sesame oil as well as one Tablespoon of grated fresh ginger if you Think this takes too long you could of Course use a teaspoon of dry ground Ginger if you prefer I'm also going to Add two grated garlic cloves or you Could use a garlic mincer and again you Could use dry garlic powder if you Prefer Finally the last ingredient going into This glaze is a teaspoon of chili flakes And once that's in the bowl I use a Whisk just to combine everything until It's smooth Then I set it aside to continue on with The other components but first I checked On the tofu and make sure I've flipped It before it burns on any side I find Chopsticks really useful for this but of Course you could use a spatula Next I move on to the cauliflower salad And first I'm just going to remove all The green leaves from the head of Cauliflower and so far I'm going to use 600 grams worth of florets and you can Keep these leaves for other recipes and Then use the florets for this one so I Cut the florets away from the stem of The cauliflower and then I'm going to Use the food processor to rise them in Quotation marks that just means I'm Going to process them down into a rice

Like texture it's really good to break The floor it's pretty small before you Add them to the food processor and I Just like to use my hands for this then I make sure to clean it really well and Then I added in batches to my food Processor bowl and I used an S blade and Adding it in batches just means that It's easier to control the texture and You won't have any big pieces and any Really small pieces but a nice uniform Mixture like this When the cauliflower is nice and uniform I transfer it to a large mixing bowl and Then I'm going to get started on the Other ingredients and to flavor this up I'm using a packed half cup of Italian Basil and a packed half cup of Thai Basil and this will give it lots of Herbaceous flavor and make it really Fresh but before adding it to the bowl I Just want to chop it up and I chop it Sort of a rough fine if that makes any Sense you don't want it too small but You definitely want it to be small Enough to be well dispersed in the Cauliflower Foreign Next I'm slicing up about three spring Onions and I like to chop off the ends And then slice it pretty fine on a slant I'm going to set some aside for garnish But put most of the chopped spring onion Into the bowl with the cauliflower rice

Then I'm going to grab a lime and zest All of the zest into the bowl and then Also cut the lime open and juice it into The bowl as well Foreign Ly I season with some salt and that's How easy it is to throw together this Cauliflower rice salad that's full of Flavor and all I need to do to finish it Is just to toss it all up to mix it well And then set aside while I finished the Tofu Because at this point the toffee should Be golden on all sides and it's ready to Have the glaze poured over it so I just Pour that into the pan while it's hot And then I coat all the tofu in the Glaze then you'll want to cook it for Another couple of minutes just to cook The glaze down so that it becomes less Liquidy and adheres really well to the Tofu This is what it should look like when The tofu is done and you're ready to Serve up personally I like to serve it Up family style just topping off that Rye salad with the sticky tofu and then Some garnishes The first garnish will be the sliced up Spring onions that we cut up earlier I'm Also going to use some more Thai Basil And I like to take the tops off of the Plant and just plunk them onto the plate Because it looks really beautiful and

Then finally I'm just sprinkling over Some toasted sesame seeds for some Crunch and visual interest and voila This is the first quick meal maybe if You're not a soup overseas and cook it Will take you more like 30 minutes but It's definitely worth it Now let's take a look at a recipe from My budget recipes video from last year And it's my sauerkraut fritters they are Both Tangy and savory and they are way More delicious than they sound they Taste really good served with like a Creamy dressing or some mayo and they Make a good light lunch or dinner or you Could serve it as a starter or a side To control the level of liquid in our Batter I start off this recipe by Squeezing out the juice out of two cups Worth of sauerkraut you don't have to be Vigilant here but squeeze up most of the Juice so that you can add just the right Amount later Next I slice up four spring onions into Thin match-like strips I haven't quite Figured out the best way to do this but I usually slice them lengthways a few Times and then just cut them on the Other end three or four times depending On the length of the spring onion The oniony flavor I slice up one red Onion into half mousse and add that to The Bowl as well with the other Vegetables

Now it's time to create the batter and For this I used one and a half cup of Chickpea or gram flour I also add in Half a cup of potato flour or in Sweden We call it starch next to give it some Flavor I add in four teaspoons of Parasolate it's a spice mix that we use Here in Sweden that has dried parsley Garlic granules and salt but I also Season with some extra salt and pepper And usually I add in a quarter teaspoon Of turmeric here but I did forget and Then I just mix it all up gently before I pour in my liquids and firstly to Capitalize on that sauerkraut tanginess I add in half a cup of the sauerkraut Juice that we squeezed before and then I Go in with one and a third cup of cold Water I mix it up really well and yes I Like to use my hands and then it's ready To fry Foreign To two tablespoons of vegetable oil in a Big Skillet and then I started to dollop The pancakes in there this batter will Make about 12 pancakes and serve four People or three people depending on how Hungry you are and you'll want to fry The first side for about three to four Minutes over medium heat and then flip It and fry for another two to three Minutes but just keep an eye on them you Don't want to burn them but you do want Them to have a little bit of color

Foreign You could serve these with some creme Fraiche mixed with fresh herbs and salt But here I'm serving it with some Mayonnaise sprinkled with some more Pursed light Before we move on to our next recipe Which is a super vibrant beetroot pasta I want to tell you a little bit more About our sponsor Squarespace Squarespace is an all-in-one website Builder with lots of great tools to make It easy to build a beautiful and Well-functioning site without any Previous knowledge about coding or Website building personally I've used Squarespace to create my online food Photography portfolio and I really like That it is so easy and intuitive to use There are plenty of themes fun Combinations and color combos and Squarespace to get you started and there Are themes for many different purposes So it's great for everyone from business Owners and e-commerce all the way to Creatives and bloggers so if you're Thinking about creating a website for Any purpose check out For a free trial and when you're ready To launch your site go to forward slash good Eatings for 10 of your first website or Domain so this beetroot pasta that I'm About to share with you again really is

A color explosion of a dish so it Definitely has a wow factor and it's a Good combination of earthy Savory and Thingy flavors all in one it makes a Great dish to cook for guests but it is Quick and easy enough that you can make It for a weeknight dinner as well Start off the sauce I need to soak three Quarters of a cup of raw cashews and I'm Using boiling water which shortens the Soaking time to about 15 minutes to Soften them and in the meantime I bring My pasta water to a boil And I realized now that I said in the Intro that I was making spaghetti but I'm actually making linguine and this is The more fancy brand that Rob likes from Our Supermarket just take one that suits You use gluten-free if you need to and When the pasta water is boiling just add The pasta and cook according to cooking Instructions and of course Salt the Water which just brings more flavor to The pasta then while the pasta is Cooking and the cashews are still Soaking I'm going to toast some walnuts That I'm gonna top the dish with later So I just break the walnuts into a dry Hot pan and I toast them until they're Golden and fragrant same as with the Hazelnuts earlier then I just transfer Them to a dish to let them cool Then to continue making the sauce I'm Going to chop up two shallots finely and

This will just give a nice base flavor To the sauce I like to just chop them finely because Then when we go to fry them off a little Bit they will do that much quicker I'm Also going to add some garlic to the mix And for this recipe I use about two Large cloves and as always I just peel Them and then chop them up finely so That I can saute them along with the Shallots in a little bit of oil until They soften and they're ready to go into The Blended sauce I always like to add a little pinch of Salt when I saute my onions I have this Idea that it helps them soften and it Also brings out their flavor once the Shallots are translucent I transfer them To my blender jug along with the other Ingredients for the sauce the cashews at This point are finished soaking so I Just drain them rinse them and then pop Them into the blender as well then to The star of the show I'm adding two Medium sized cooked beetroots that I've Peeled and I chopped them into chunks Just to make it easier for the blender And then I add those to the blender as Well Foreign To the blender I'm also adding two Tablespoons of nutritional yeast which Just gives this a more Savory and Well-rounded flavor

I'm also adding in some lemon juice About two tablespoons of that as well Finally I season with some salt and Black pepper And then to make the sauce the right Consistency I add in three quarter cups Worth of unsweetened soy milk and then I Just blend the sauce until it's super Silky and smooth Foreign As you can see the beads make this a Super vibrant pink color and when the Sauce is smooth and the pasta is done Cooking I drained the pasta and I pour Over the sauce so that I can toss them Together the sauce like this makes about Four portions so you could just make Enough pasta to go with that or you can Half the recipe and cook two servings of Pasta if there's just two of you eating The sauce also keeps really well in the Fridge for up to a whole week if you Keep it in an airtight container Foreign To serve I like to make little swirls With my tongs and then carefully place The swirls onto the plate this just Creates an interesting look I think but You can serve it any which way you like Then you just top them with the toasted Walnuts and I've also got some vegan Brazil nut parmesan alternative and I'll Link down below the recipe to that then For A Touch of Green I'm adding on some

Fresh thyme leaves which actually makes The pink pop even more and it also gives It a nice fresh pop of flavor too and Fresh thyme goes really well with Beetroot Foreign Next up we go from something very pink To something very green with this green Balance ball or nourish ball whatever You'd like to call it so if you are Looking for something fresh and thingy To eat then this recipe is for you it's Got a base of a herpe quinoa salad That's topped with spring veg and then a Delicious green dressing with basil that You must not miss it's good on pretty Much anything a piece of my quinoa According to package instructions and to Serve four I used three quarter cups Worth of dry quinoa then I'm going to Add the zest of one lemon to the bowl With the quinoa and the juice from half Of it as well Next I'm going to chop up my herbs so I've got half of a packed cup of flat Leaf parsley and I'm gonna match that Volume with fresh coriander if you don't Like coriander you could use another Herb here like basil or Dill it's really Up to you And then all I'm going to do is just Chop it up really fine and add it to the Bowl as well this will add lots of Flavor and freshness to the quinoa which

Makes a great base flavor for all of the Nourish balls then to tie it all Together I'm going to season it with Half a teaspoon of herbal salt but you Could use regular salt as well just do It to taste if so Now that the quinoa is prepared we can Get started on our first nourish bowl And to start this one off I'm just going To trim the ends of the fresh asparagus It just removes that Woody part of the Asparagus that's not that nice to eat And then I'm transferring the asparagus To an oven safe dish I'm drizzling it With some avocado oil and seasoning with Salt and black pepper before tossing to Coats Foreign Then I will transfer the asparagus to The oven that's preheated to 200 degrees Celsius and I'll roast it for 12 to 15 Minutes and in the meantime I'm going to Make my chick pianada mommy Bean sort of Salad it's just a mixture of chickpeas That I've drained and rinsed and shelled At the mommy beans that I've thought From Frozen and then I'm seasoning this With some chili oil that has some nice Chili bits in there and some Sesame as Well and I'm seasoning with salt and Then I'm just gonna toss that to coat All the beans and set it aside Before I make the dressing I'm just Going to slice up some of these sugar

Snaps and I like to cut them lengthways Like this because they look really Beautiful like that but all you need to Do is just slice them any which way you Like and set them aside and then to Start the dressing I'm going to peel a Shallot as well as a garlic clove and This is going to be part of the sort of Base flavor for the dressing and making The dressing in my high speed blender so I just transfer the shallot as well as The garlic clove into the blender and I Like to just chop the garlic into Smaller pieces Next I'm adding in one packed cup of Fresh baby spinach this helps give this Dressing a really vibrant green color Then I'm adding in a packed cup and a Half of fresh basil leaves for lots of Flavor To add some creaminess to the dressing I'm adding in two tablespoons of tahini And I'm squeezing in the juice of the Whole lemon for lots of brightness then For some mommy I'm adding a quarter cup Of nutritional yeast and then I'm Drizzling in two tablespoons of extra Virgin olive oil followed by a teaspoon Of maple syrup and three tablespoons of Water and all together this makes for a Yummy dressing seasoned with a little Bit of salt before blending it up Foreign As you can see this makes for a super

Vibrant dressing and it tastes just as Good as it looks Then to assemble the ball I'm starting Off with a bed of baby greens just any Type of mixed greens that you like and Then I'm sprinkling on some of those Sliced sugar snaps followed by a good Serving of the seasoned and Herby quinoa And the bean salad Foreign A good amount of the vibrant green Dressing before I fetch the asparagus From the oven which should definitely be Done by now and I top it off with a few Spares of roasted asparagus this dish is Super yummy for spring it's vibrant it's Fresh and full of yummy veggies From all of that fresh Green Goodness Let's go to some more Green Goodness but In a form of a tray bake where you bake All of your components on one tray to Create a dinner dish without dirtying Lots of pots and pans and this one's got Cabbage broccoli and marinated tempeh Which is sort of the base of the meal And then it's drizzled with a really Good orange dressing which lifts Everything and makes it more interesting And there's also some fresh garnishes as Well and you could of course serve this With a grain or rice whatever you want But you can also eat it just as it is For this recipe I'm using a 400 gram Block of tempeh made from soy beans but

You could use any type of tempeh that You like and can get your hands on and I Cut it into eight pieces and I tried to Get them as even as possible so that They will roast at the same time If you've never cooked with tempeh Before this is what it looks like on the Inside it's super yummy but I always Like to marinate it so I add a quarter Cup of soy sauce to a container and then I'm also adding in two tablespoons of White wine vinegar and one tablespoon of Toasted sesame oil I'm also adding in One tablespoon of maple syrup for some Sweetness and then I'm going to crush Two garlic cloves in there as well for Lots of flavor To boost the flavor even further I'm Also adding in one teaspoon of ground Ginger as well as half a teaspoon each Of smoked paprika and chili flakes I give this all a good mix to combine And spread the flavors throughout then I'm ready to immerse my 10 bit cubes Into the marinade and I do this by hand Just swirling them around in there and You'll want to marinate them for at Least a couple of hours if not overnight And make sure to sort of shake the box Or turn them around once in a while to Ensure that they get evenly marinated When the tempeh has marinated for a good Amount of time and you're ready to cook The sheet pan meal grab half a head of

Cabbage about 600 grams and slice it Into slim wedges about two centimeters Thick place them onto the Chic pan and Drizzle them with a little bit of oil Season with salt and pepper and you'll Be ready to roast these again I'm Roasting the Cabbage for about 10 to 12 Minutes before I add on the other Vegetables just to give it a little bit Of time to cook and soften I make sure All the wedges are coated and then place Them in the preheated oven at 200 Degrees Celsius next up I'm going to Chop up some broccoli and I'm using a Crown of broccoli that's medium sized About 300 grams and I'm slicing it into Long pieces like this I'm using both the Crown and the stem but if the stem is Very tough you might need to peel off The outer layer just to make sure that It's edible then I transfer the broccoli Into a bowl so that I can drizzle it With a little bit of oil again and I'm Using avocado oil here and then I'm Seasoning it with salt and tossing to Coat and then they're ready to add to The oven along with the cabbage As you can see at this stage the Cabbage Has already got a little bit of color Which is a good place for it to be and Then I add the broccoli and spread it Out and I'm also adding the marinated Temper cubes and I spread those out Across the pan as well then I leave it

To roast for another 20 to 25 minutes While I prepare some toppings First off I slice up about two to three Spring onions depending on their size And I'm also going to slice up a red Chili now you could use the whole chili Or a third of the chili or no chili Depending on your preference but I just Slice it up and set it aside while I Make a little bit of a dressing for the Sheet pan for this dressing I am grating The zest of one orange into a bowl and I'm also squeezing in the juice from the Whole orange into the bowl as well and This is the main flavor of the dressing It adds a lot of nice sweetness and Citrus flavor I balanced that sweetness with one and a Half tablespoons of soy sauce as well as One tablespoon of white wine vinegar for A little bit more thing then I drizzle In one tablespoon of olive oil just to Carry the flavors and I seasoned them With some black pepper I give all of This a good mix and set it aside while I Go grab my sheet pan because now the Veggies and the tempeh is all finished Roasting and I sprinkle the spring Onions over the top and then I do the Same with the sliced chili and this Along with the dressing just adds a lot Of complexity in the flavor and a little Bit of freshness to go with those deeper Roasted flavors of the vegetables and

The tempeh the Finishing Touch for this Sheet pan meal are some sesame seeds They're toasted and yummy and crunchy And I just sprinkled in liberally over The top and that concludes the second Sheet pan meal it's really full of Flavor and delicious and fresh and I Hope you will enjoy it So to finish off I wanted to choose a Recipe that would make a good packed Lunch because most of us are now back to Work or school and I chose my lemon and Dill chickpea salad sandwich it's super Quick and easy to make and it's also Satisfying from the chickpeas sandwiched In the bread but also fresh and vibrant From the combination of dill and lemon So I hope you'll enjoy it to make a Chickpea salad that serves about two People I start by adding a can of Chickpeas that's been drained and rinsed To a mixing bowl and then I use my Pinchers just to break it up into a Flaky consistency I set that aside and Grab a hold of a quarter cup of loosely Packed fresh dill and chopped it up Really finely Foreign I also like to use a small bunch of Fresh chives in this recipe as well that Just needs to be chopped up finely too But you could also replace this with Half of a red onion finely chopped Next to add lots of thingy flavor I use

A microplane to zest in the skin of one Lemon and I'm also adding in about one To two tablespoons of lemon juice you Can decide how much you add depending on Your taste preference And then to make it nice and creamy I'm Adding in two and a half tablespoons of Vegan mayonnaise as well as two and a Half tablespoons of vegan Greek style Yogurt you could use any slightly Thicker vegan yogurt here I'm also Adding in one tablespoon of grainy Mustard which adds lots of lovely flavor And I'm seasoning with salt and pepper Before mixing it all up to combine You could use any bread you like for the Sandwich I could recommend a nice rye Bread or here I'm using a seeded Gluten-free bread I also like to spread A little bit of vegan margarine on the Bread before I add some greens but That's up to you I use about a handful Of baby Greens on each sandwich and then I topped that up with half of the Chickpea mixture before I close it up With the other slice of bread and it's a Very simple sandwich you could of course Add other veggies like tomato or Cucumber and I also like to serve it With a nice apple on the side just to Make it more filling but it's definitely A good lunch asses Okay so those were the seven recipes That we wanted to share with you all to

Kick off this new year but now we look Forward to creating many more delicious Recipes of course to continue to bring To you in 2023 we will however not be Posting videos every week to begin with As we have a bit of admin backlog to get To and we also want to start working on A new ebook this year we really enjoyed That process last year and it seemed Like you really enjoyed the ebook too Thank you so much to everyone who bought It and I'm so glad that so many of you Enjoy the ebook it really means the World to us if there's anything in Particular you'd like to see here on the Channel going forward please leave us a Comment down below it really helps us to Know what you're thinking and what you'd Like to see and we will be back here in Two weeks so stay tuned and I'll see you Then take care everyone bye

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