MUST TRY 10 Minute Vegan Recipes I Make ALL THE TIME (Beginner Friendly)

Um that is literal perfection [Music] Hey guys it's Rose and welcome back to Cheap lazy vegan and another recipe Video today's video is very kindly Sponsored by Thrive market so I'm going To be using a bunch of products from Thrive Market in today's video and I'll Talk about them a little bit more later On but today's video I want to show you Guys three recipes that I'm constantly Making over and over again you may have Seen these recipes before because like I Mentioned I make them over and over Again but if you haven't hello hi you Definitely want to try these and all These recipes will be written in blog Posts linked down below as always so Make sure you check those out and make Sure you give me a five star review on All of them because they're all Delicious yes guys so let's Jump Right In to recipe number one all right guys So the first recipe is going to be my Cold Korean soft tofu recipe this guys I've made so many times because it is so Easy it literally takes less than five Minutes as you will see and it's Delicious it goes so well with rice I Call this a rice thief because it steals All your rice because you're gonna eat So much race with it because it goes so Well with rice so we're gonna make this Rice thief of a dish today it's so

Simple just a few ingredients and the Main ingredient is going to be silk and Tofu or soft tofu so I got this silken Tofu from Thrive Market of course and It's basically like soft tofu it's Slightly different in texture but it's Very similar to soft tofu so you want to Use either silk and tofu or soft tofu Now the great thing about the silken Tofu is that it's a shelf stable is that The term so you don't have to Refrigerate it which is kind of awesome I do kind of keep it in the refrigerator But it you know it doesn't need to be Refrigerated which is great let's just Open this up [Music] Oh I'm just going to drain it so you can Cut this however way you want okay Sometimes I'll cut it into small pieces Sometimes I'll call into bigger chunks Just depends on what I feel like today I Feel like I'm just going to cut it into Smaller pieces I don't know what I'm Doing at this point I'm just going to Put it into a dish here I have some Sesame oil I use toasted sesame oil It's a Korean must-have ingredient guys And then I also have some soy sauce Some maple syrup or agave nectar I'm Using maple syrup for this and I'm using This one by Thrive Market we're going to Add that in

And then we're also going to add some Kochukaru which is Korean red pepper Powder you don't have to add this if you Don't like spice but I love adding it And then we have some sesame seeds And then I'm just gonna mix this it's That simple guys All right now all we have to do Is just pour this on top I know it's Like ridiculously easy And then I just kind of mix it Is top everything with lots of green Onion I love Lots of green onion in this and that's It that is it guys it's so easy It's so simple but I eat it with rice And it is so delicious I just like Literally just spoon a bunch of this Onto the rice and I just eat it I like To have it with a side of vegan kimchi I Have a recipe for a vegan kimchi as well On my channel so definitely check that Out this is so good I'm just gonna try It now because I I mean I know it's Gonna be good okay but we're gonna try It Um I still go So much flavor and I feel like that Seasoning goes so well with that Smooth custardy deliciousness of the Soaking tofu it is so good you guys Definitely definitely try this out It is for sure a rice Thief you need you

Need to get your rice ready and make This right now so before we move on to The next recipe as I mentioned earlier Today's video is very kindly sponsored By Thrive Market if you guys haven't Heard of Thrive Market they are an Online membership-based grocery store That specializes in natural and organic Sustainable items sold at a discounted Price to their members so if you are a Member of Thrive Market they make sure That you will save money on their high Quality and sustainable items and they Have so many vegan items you guys they Have vegan food products they have Household supplies cleaning supplies Beauty products skincare makeup all Kinds of goodness and it's so easy to Filter the vegan option okay what I do Is I just go vegan and It shows all their vegan products and They have so so many items which is why I love them so much because it's so easy To shop and you can save money so all You have to do is sign up to be a member And they have two different membership Options they've got a month-to-month Membership which is 12.00 month or you Can do an annual membership which works Out to be only five dollars a month Which is obviously the better deal so They basically guarantee that you will Make back that annual spending of sixty Dollars for their membership otherwise

They will credit you the difference okay Guys so Thrive Market is a great option Especially if you don't have like a Health food store nearby and especially If you are vegan like me and you Sometimes require Specialty Products Like nutritional yeast for example you Know that kind of stuff sometimes is Hard to find in a regular grocery store So if you are one of those people and You also like to shop online and you Like the items just delivered straight To your door like me then this is the Perfect place to shop because not only Are you getting some really Niche Products but you're also getting the Products delivered straight to your door And all their orders are delivered with Carbon neutral shipping from their zero Waste warehouses and orders over forty Nine dollars are shipped for free guys And one of my favorite things about Thrive Market is that they have a Program called Thrive gifts Thrive gives Is a program where they give a free Membership to a low-income family Teacher or a veteran for every paid Memberships so that these people can Also have access to good quality Products at a low cost so if you guys Are interested in saving some money and Getting some awesome products make sure You check out Thrive Market the link is Down below for you to get 30 off your

First order plus a completely free gift Worth up to sixty dollars thank you so Much to thrive market for sponsoring Today's video and always supporting this Channel and of course thank you guys for Watching let's move on to the next Recipe alright guys this is recipe Number two and you guys have definitely Seen me make this probably a million Times or some sort of variation of this But we are making some peanut lime Noodles okay I will tell you the Variations as we go along with this Recipe but I've made a variation of this So so many times it is just delicious Okay if you are a beginner vegan you got To know about this it is so good and you Can do this with different kinds of Noodles while noodles are cooking you Can basically prepare everything else so Right now I got the water boiling and We're just going to mix together the Sauce ingredients so the sauce let's get Started so first thing we need is of Course peanut butter okay you can use Powdered peanut butter if you want uh Which you know if you want to keep the Calories low I think I have a variation Of this in my uh no more cabbage soup E-book using powder peanut butter which Is delicious as well today we're using The full fat kind so we have here some Peanut butter so we're gonna add that Into a bowl and then next we need some

Sort of sweetener so you can use any Sort of vegan sweetener I like to use Either maple syrup or agave nectar for This recipe I'm actually using agave Nectar from Thrive Market I got this one Here I'm gonna add that sweetener right In here and then what I actually like to Do is I actually like to kind of Mix this okay to thin up the peanut Butter a little bit it'll make the Mixing later on a bit easier next we're Going to use some sesame oil okay we're Using toasted sesame oil as I always do It is Korean crack yes guys so toasted Sesame oil we're gonna add that in next You're going to want to use some sort of An acidic thing okay so normally I would Use lime juice for this which is why I Call it peanut lime noodles but I don't Have lime juice today so if you don't Have lime juice don't fret you can use Apple cider vinegar rice vinegar okay Maybe even red wine or white wine Vinegar or you can use lemon juice as Well so in my case I'm using apple cider Vinegar add that in okay then we also Have some soy sauce of course And then next we have some garlic powder And also some freshly grated Ginger okay This is fresh ginger now I don't always Use fresh ginger I would say about 80 of The time I'm too lazy and I just use Ground ginger which still works really Well as well but if I can be bothered I

Like the fresh ginger so I'm gonna add Fresh grated Ginger which I just great Using like my cheese grater thing and Then some garlic powder and look The water is boiling I'm going to cook Up some noodles I'm using these noodles Right here I'm actually using these Pad Thai rice noodles I got from Thrive Market once again I I normally use soba Noodles for this but um today I wanted To try using rice noodles you know I'm Switching it up guys I'm switching it up Let's cook this up all right now that we Have the sauce ingredients into this Bowl we're just gonna mix this and just Make sure it is a nice smooth and Delicious Sauce now you can also use instead of Peanut butter if you wanted tahini that Is also delicious so any sort of like That creamy nutty Seedy sort of buttery goodness tahini Almond butter peanut butter cashew Butter whatever butter okay uh you can Use any of that okay but I love peanut Butter peanut butter tastes the best in My opinion all right and then while your Noodles are cooking you can also chop up Your veggies the veggies that I like to Use it's totally up to you guys this Changes all the time for me as well Depending on what I have but I like some Bell pepper so I mixed it up here I have Red and green and I also like some

The Flat Belly Code

Carrots so I just julienne some carrots Also have some cilantro for me the Cilantro is so important I don't always Have the cilantro but if I have it I'm Definitely adding that in and I also Have some green onion that's chopped as Well and guys I almost forgot I actually Have edamame beans that are frozen my Trusty my go-to frozen edamame beans I Like to actually throw these in with the Noodles to thaw them out and kind of Cook them even though they're already Cooked they're just Frozen let's throw This in so we're just gonna make sure It's cooking all right guys so the Noodles have cooked and I actually Drained it and rinsed it in cold water Now if you want you don't have to rinse It in cold water you can eat it like Warm but I definitely definitely prefer It cold especially with the you know Fresh Veggies so I do recommend doing it Cold guys so I am just going to place it Into you can just do it directly on your Serving bowl or you can mix it in a Separate Bowl it's up to you and now all We have to do is just mix everything Together I'm gonna add in the sauce First so that it really soaks into the Noodles All right let's mix that in first oh my Gosh I think it's gonna go really well with The rice noodles actually our veggies

You can either just mix them in or you Can serve them on the side and then I Love to top this with the cilantro you Can mix it in as well And then of course the green onion now If you want you can also top with some Sesame seeds which is what I often do as Well Um That is just heaven on Earth it's so Nice and fresh the sauce is nice and Creamy But that Ginger makes it like extra Fresh and oh my God guys This is a must must make and again you Can switch up the noodles which up the Veggies even switch up the proteins are Used edamame beans here but I often Sometimes throw in some chickpeas or Anything else you guys The world is your oyster as they say I Still don't understand the saying but They say that so make this guys it is so Good definitely definitely try this out This is a must alright guys last but Definitely not least we have to make my Four ingredient vegan alfredo recipe This is my tried and true one of my Absolute favorite recipes I cannot count How many times I've made this it is so Good it's so easy it's literally four Ingredients and it can be the base for Basically any sort of savory creamy Sauce so you can kind of play around

With it you can add in different things If you want but this is definitely Definitely one of my absolute favorites I actually got my friend Daniel like Completely hooked on this so you gotta Make it okay so what you need is a Blender so while we're doing this you Can actually start boiling your water Because we're gonna make some pasta While we're boiling the water we can Make the sauce it's so easy so the only Thing guys I have one caveat is that you Gotta soak your cashews okay that's the Only thing that makes this from like a Two minute recipe to a slightly longer Recipe now if you just soak your cashews Overnight like a normal person that has Their life together Then you can make this in like two Minutes because all you have to do is Just take some cashews put in a bowl and Just soak it with water and just let it Sit and then the next day just drain it And then you can just use it for this Recipe now for me I often forget to soak My cashews or I just don't plan on Making this and then I just want to make It last minute in that case you're gonna Have to boil it some people actually Said that you don't even need to boil it And it'll just blend and it'll be fine But I don't know for me I don't want to Waste cashews they are not cheap okay They're a little bit expensive so I

Don't want to waste it so I just boil it For like 20 minutes just to make sure It's nice and softened and now they are Softened yes guys I'm gonna put it into A blender okay we're heading water in Here okay next ingredient is going to be Nooch AKA nutritional yeast AKA vegan Crack you can add as much as you want if You want it to be a little more cheesy You can add a little bit more the Nutritional yeast I'm using is this one From Thrive Market the next ingredient Is going to be veggie wyong Cube I like To just kind of break it up a little bit Before I throw it into the blender just To help the blender out you know and Then next and final ingredient is going To be garlic now I already have minced Garlic if you guys know I have a garlic Hack Which means I always have minced garlic On hand because I hate mincing garlic Even though I love garlic so if you want To see my garlic hack I'll link that Video down below but if you don't have a Garlic hack you can just throw in garlic Cloves okay I like it pretty garlicky so It's a good amount I add about a Tablespoon of minced garlic maybe about Three or four cloves of garlic and there You go those are the ingredients we are Going to blend this up and be patient it Might take maybe up to a minute or so uh To blend and it's going to become this

Beautiful creamy sauce let's blend it up All right you guys so after blending it Up just make sure there's no like Grittiness just blend it just be patient And if you soaked your cashews and Softened them then they shouldn't be Gritty Um but let's just give this a little Taste this is my favorite part so that's The sauce as you can see it is so nice And creamy and oh let me just let me Just try it Thank you Why is it so good Guys Oh Trust me that is the best creamy sauce So now I'm going to cook up the pasta I Love eating this with basketti okay Spaghetti and I'm using this one by Thrive Market there's spaghetti they got Lots of different pasta options we want To cook up the pasta normally I like to Just like get the pasta going and then Make the sauce and then Oh my God that sauce is so good it could Also be a really nice base for like a Creamy soup Anyways so pasta is cooking and another Thing I like to do this part is optional But I like to always try to add in some Sort of plant-based protein into this Dish as well so this dish is really Delicious it's rich and it's high fat

You know it's it's healthy it's cashews Right but because I like to add in some Sort of plant-based protein I like to Usually add in some sort of beans and This time I'm going to use some Cannellini beans which are white beans And I feel like this would go really Well with this pasta because it's really Nice and soft and yeah I'm using white Kidney beans I got this from Thrive Market of course you can also use Chickpeas you can also add sometimes I Like to do like smoked tofu that's Really good as well So just gonna cook this up all right you Guys so once the pasta is almost done I'm just gonna drain it and you can keep Some of the water in here if you want or Save a little bit of that pasta water All right then we just bring it back Into the pan and I'm just gonna add in The white beans the protein and then of Course Our lovely sauce So you can obviously add in as much Sauce as your little heart desires okay So we're just gonna kind of like let This kind of Cook a little bit with the sauce for a Few minutes okay guys I think it's Basically done I added a little bit of The pasta water and just let it cook Until it's nice and creamy and delicious All right let's plate it and let's give

It a try okay let me Get this it kind of becomes like nice And like sticky oh that creamy sauce Cheers guys Um I am sorry but that is literal Perfection Are the white beans go really well Honestly I've made this so many times And it amazes me every time how good This is I'm gonna have one more bait oh My gosh so good Foreign [Music] Guys so that's pretty much it for the Three recipes I make all the time I Highly highly encourage you to make all Of these they are all so easy takes less Than 10 minutes and so delicious so Definitely definitely check out the Recipes that are linked down below and Make sure you give me a five star review On all the recipes because they're all Delicious okay so if you guys enjoyed This video make sure you give it a big Thumbs up and if you haven't yet don't Forget to subscribe to this channel for More easy delicious budget friendly Vegan recipes and of course thank you so Much to thrive market for sponsoring Today's video the link is down below for You to join and if you join today you Can get 30 off your first order plus a Completely free gift worth up to sixty

Dollars and thank you guys so much for Watching and I'll see you guys in my Next video bye bye [Music]

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