Korean Rice Bowls | Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipe

Hey lovelies come a new year I always Find myself craving something fresh and Flavorful but also really simple to make Which is why I'm so excited to be Partnering with impossible foods to Share at these absolutely delicious Korean rice bowls that my family and I Just can't get enough of right now This recipe is a tasty Twist on a Classic Korean beef dish using Impossible beef made from plants This versatile plant-based beef Cooks Bakes and grills just like traditional Beef and can be swapped into any of your Favorite recipes plus it just happens to Taste incredible foreign So the first step in preparing this Delicious dish is mixing up our sauce so To start in my bowl I have got some Tamari which is just basically Gluten-free soy sauce you could Definitely use soy sauce if that's what You have on hand To that I'm going to add a few Tablespoons of brown sugar I'm also going to be adding a little bit Of Tang to this with some rice vinegar I've got a little bit of nuttiness with Some sesame oil keep in mind with sesame Oil a little bit goes a long way so I'm Only using about a teaspoon in this Recipe and then for even more incredible Flavor and just a touch of heat I'm also Going to be adding gochujang which is a

Traditional Korean red chili paste you Can usually find this in the International aisle at most supermarkets If you do have trouble finding it you Could swap in something like Sriracha Here and still get that same flavor but The gochujang is definitely the Traditional way to go Finally I'll go ahead and add some Freshly grated Ginger to this as well And then I'm also going to grate in some Garlic now you could also add minced Garlic to this instead but I find Grating it is just super easy and saves Me the trouble of chopping it Once all of that tastiness is in my bowl I'm just going to give it a quick whisk Until it's well combined and then I'll Set it aside while I get to work on Cooking up my impossible beef And a large Skillet I'm going to go Ahead and heat up just a tablespoon or So of oil and then as soon as my oil is Hot I'm going to add my impossible beef Made with plants to the pan And I'm going to cook it just the way I Would traditional ground beef breaking It up with the side of my spoon until It's no longer pink Now if you've never cooked with Impossible beef before you'll probably Be amazed at how much it looks and Cooked just like traditional ground beef And just as soon as everything is really

Well browned it's time to add our Amazing flavor to the pan and of course We're doing that with this incredible Sauce I'm gonna pour it right over And then I'm going to let this cook away For maybe three or four minutes or until It's reduced and become a bit syrupy That's how you know the magic has Happened Foreign now at this point we are ready To assemble our delicious rice balls So in the base of each of my bowls I am Starting with some cooked jasmine rice You could go ahead and use any kind of Rice you want in this recipe it's Totally up to you next to add a little Bit of crunch and some color here I'm Going to pile on some sliced cucumber And then I'm going to top all of that With my absolutely delicious Korean Inspired beef I'll finish this off with some sliced Green onion and some sesame seeds and These bowls are ready to be enjoyed Oh my gosh guys it looks so fresh it Smells amazing now it's time for a taste The most important part [Music] Oh good The flavor is absolutely incredible it's A little bit of heat a little bit of Sweet and a whole lot of savory there's So much to love about this You can enjoy it right away or you can

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Store it in the refrigerator for three Or four days it meal preps beautifully Making it perfect for both dinner and Then lunch the next day guys I hope you Love this recipe as much as I do and That you will give it a try for Yourselves if you do be sure to tweet me Instagram me or Facebook me a photo Using the hashtag makeitimpossible Because I always love seeing your Kitchen Creations thank you so much to Impossible foods for sponsoring this Video remember you can find the full Written recipe on my website the Domesticgeek.com or Linked In the Description box below and finally if you Haven't already be sure to subscribe Because there is lots more deliciousness Where this came from

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