Juicing Purple Sweet Potato 🍠 Incredible Health Benefits + Insanely Delicious Seasonal Recipe! 🤯

Aloha my friends Christina here happy New Year I am so excited to jump into This new year with you with new recipes New fun new education and a new Challenge in today's video I'm going to Show you how to juice purple sweet Potatoes and I'm going to share with you All of the incredible benefits you will Receive from juicing sweet potatoes Especially purple ones did you even know You could use purple sweet potatoes this Juice recipe has become one of my new Obsessions and I know you will love it Last week I launched the sign ups for my Upcoming 21 day vegan and juicing Challenge starting on January the 21st We're going to be eating one raw vegan Meal a day and drinking one fresh juice A day for 21 days and I'm going to be Hosting 21 days of live Zoom calls to Help support and guide you every step Along the way if you've been looking for A health or wellness program to immerse Yourself in this year this is the best Program to kick start your physical Mental emotional and spiritual Wellness Journey and I hope to have you join us Something different that I'm doing this Year is I'm offering this program on my Website and on my app the full program Is on my website with all the bells and Whistles and educational videos and Notes recipe ebooks and more and the Perfect companion version of this

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Challenge is available for you on my app For those who want a more simplified Version of this challenge that you can Have on your mobile device where you can Access the recipes have custom made Shopping lists get access to other Recipes on my app it's all there for you And both of these whether you are Joining via the website or the app give You access to the 21 days of live Zoom Calls so if you're interested in joining My 21 day vegan and juicing Challenge And if you're interested in eating one Raw vegan meal a day and drinking one Fresh juice a day please check out the Links in the description below I've got Access for you via my website and my app All the materials are immediate access For you and this will be my last year Hosting this specific challenge so if You've never joined one of my challenges Before now is the time and I hope it to Be the best one yet there is so much That I'm excited to share with you this Upcoming year everything from more Lifestyle videos more gardening videos More videos of what I'm doing with the Fruit Orchard here more recipes just More of everything and I'm beyond Thrilled to be able to have you here and To build this community together so I Just want to say thank you so let's go Ahead and jump into this delicious Purple sweet potato juice recipe are you

Ready let's get started did you know Juicing purple sweet potatoes has Amazing health benefits not only are Purple sweet potatoes delicious but also They add a sweet and creamy richness to This yummy juicing combination the Benefits of drinking freshly pressed Sweet potatoes are surprisingly infinite Juicing purple sweet potatoes can reduce Inflammation stabilize blood sugars Aid Digestion balance hormones rejuvenate Skin lower blood pressure reduce Toxicity from heavy metal residues and May also reduce the risk of cancer I've Recently become obsessed with this Juicing recipe and I know that you will Love it as well I've been juicing for Nearly 17 years now and juicing has Become an important part of my daily Wellness routine I like to mix up my Juicing combinations based upon what Seasonal ingredients I have sweet Potatoes are in season and this Combination is so satisfying when ready Go ahead and add into your juicer Approximately four purple sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A B5 Riboflavin niacin thiamin and carnoids Next you can add in approximately three To four pairs green or red pears are Rich in vitamin K magnesium potassium And copper add in a half to one large Beet beets are rich in iron manganese And vitamin B9 add add in one lime or

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Lemon peeled limes are alkalizing for The body they improve immunity Aid Digestion and also improve skin and you Can also add in approximately three to Five Fuji apples apples are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants I'm using a J2 nominal juicer and I love it because It saves me time and prep and it allows Me to batch juice up to 10 jars at a Time this slow cool pressed juicer is a Game changer because it can keep juices Fresh in a sealed tight jar for up to Three to four days the Nama G2 juicer is The one I love and recommend to my Friends you can get 55 off this juicer Using the code fully raw 55 at checkout And that's linked below for you this Recipe is delightfully surprising in Every way you'll be surprised at how Good you feel after drinking it I hope This juicing recipe inspires you to get In the kitchen and start juicing every Day feel free to get creative with these Recipes and have fun I hope this juicing Recipe video inspires you to get using And to start drinking healthy delicious Juices every single day if you have a Juicer like the J2 juicer you can batch Juice every couple of days and then you Can keep fresh juices in your fridge Every single day to make and enjoy Whenever you want I've just added this Recipe into my fully raw recipe app for You to reference at any time and if

You're looking to join my upcoming 21 Day challenge those links are below for You as well to sign up and enjoy and I'll see you on January the 21st if You're looking to get a new juicer Definitely check out the Nama J2 juicer I've included a special discount link For you below Nama has been so gracious As to give us a special discount code For this challenge for members who want To join to encourage them to start Juicing more thank you so much Nama Definitely check out that discount link And code below Happy New Year my friends I cannot wait for all of the Beautiful Moments delicious recipes and fun Adventures that we will get to share Together this upcoming year I hope you Love this recipe and I'll see you in my Next video bye

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