Indian Feast in 15 Minutes! #shorts

Welcome to an Indian feast in 15 minutes Here we make a beautiful Punjabi Curry a Chili pickle and serve it with Flatbreads all in 15 minutes in a glass Add our sliced red onions our chili Pinch of salt a little bit apple cider Vinegar submerge it with water and a Little bit of maple syrup to add Sweetness to it toast off our spices With cumin cardamom and some coriander And make sure to grind them down in a Pestle mortar for a base veg we have Onion garlic ginger and chili fry them Down add in some sliced cherry tomatoes And a pinch of salt and allow them just To Stew down the flavors to marry Together add in two tins of beans and Add in our spices we're going ground Cardamom ground cumin some ground Turmeric Grand garam masala and a few of The spices that you want in our sauce We've got Tina chopped tomatoes a tin of Coconut milk and a handful of baby Spinach make sure to season it to taste And allow the flavors to come off slice Some cucumber and mix that through our Pickle heat our flatbread and bring it All together for this beautiful Indian Feast in 15 minutes link to full recipe And bio enjoy

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