I Tried the McPlant (100% VEGAN McDonald’s Burger) & Vegan Doner Kebab! 😍 What I Ate in LONDON, UK

Hey guys it's Rose and welcome back to Cheap lazy vegan and another video just A very quick announcement that the Plant-based bundle is back but just for A few more days the plant-based bundle Is a collection of over 200 vegan ebooks And guides and it is sold at a Discounted price of only 50 dollars Total so you get over 200 different Ebooks for 50 only this bundle includes My weight loss friendly recipes ebook Which came out just a few months ago Called no more cabbage soup so that Ebook contains over 110 different vegan Recipes that are great for weight loss And still taste delicious there's tons Of recipe ebooks but there's also Fitness guides workout tips going vegan Tips so if anyone is going vegan for the Month of January for V January this is Perfect or if you've been vegan for a While and you just need some more Inspiration this is perfect as well this Relaunch ends very very soon on January 8th so do not do not miss out you guys The link is down below for you guys to Purchase and all the different ebooks And guides included are listed in the Link down below as well so yeah I hope You guys enjoy the bundle and let's get On to the video Hello everyone today is one of the last Days I have in London today I'm just Going to kind of take it easy yesterday

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We had the pizza party we stayed up Quite late so I'm a little bit tired so Today main focus taking it easy eating Good food As usual probably won't drink tonight But who knows [Music] [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Vegan yes Korean Italian vegan food very Interesting dark chocolate Mochiato Cheers oh Yeah [Music] I don't love that texture Hmm I love mochi hmm I love London [Music] So this is the make plant so this is Made with beyond meat and it also has Vegan cheese and vegan Mayo I know Amazing all right let's give it a go Hmm

That really tastes like A McDonald's burger like the vegan Cheese really reminds me of like McDonald's burger cheese Of course you gotta get the fries I can't remember the last time I got McDonald's picture I think the fries aren't as good as I Remember But the mcplant There's the Big Ben you guys I realize That I have not seen the Big Ben in the Evening or like nighttime in a very long Time I realized that even when I lived In London I almost never saw the big Band at night I was always here like Kind of during the day but I want see it At night like after Sunset it's just Like a mood you know it's still kind of Light out though because you know the Days are long right now but it's looking Beautiful it's nice and peaceful less Painful [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music]

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