How to Make Green Juice in a Blender (without a Juicer!)

Today we're making a lightened up green Juice green juice is green so it must be Nutritious right not necessarily so yes Most green juices are filled with leafy Greens but they can also be filled with Sugar some even have as much sugar as a Soda but if there's anything I want you To take from this lighten up series it's That whatever kind of juice you drink is Okay all right no one has the time Energy resources knowledge willpower Whatever to be perfect all the time There's no such thing and actually we Don't need to be perfect to be healthy We learn as we go we do the best we can And that's our journey and it's okay so If you're buying a store-bought juice With added sugar it's fine right lighten Up on the judgments and be compassionate With yourself if you do decide that you Want to make your own green juice no Juice are required I've got you covered And don't forget before I show you that Recipe to subscribe like hit the Bell so That you can be notified of new videos All month long before we get started I Want to warn you that this recipe made a Lot of green juice so make sure you've Got a big enough blender or you can cut The recipe in half I use my big Vitamix Today but any big blender will work so Into your blender add spinach and kale Or whatever greens you want chopped Apples celery cucumber parsley Ginger

Lime juice and water blend it up You want to let it go long enough to get All of the ingredients really broken up And integrated and smooth you can also Use less water if you prefer a stronger Juice with a more concentrated flavor And you can really add any ingredients You want or leave out whatever you don't Like but just be mindful that adding Non-green ingredients will affect the Color once your ingredients are Blended It's time to strain your juice so I used A nut milk bag and I placed that into a Large measuring bowl and poured the Juice mixture in through the nut milk Bag but a fine mesh strainer would work You just might end up with a little bit More pulp if it's not as fine as a nut Milk bag allow it to run completely Through the bag and don't be afraid to Get your hands dirty and squeeze the bag To get out every ounce of the juice you Can discard the pulp or you can save it For smoothies there's still nutrition in There now all that's left to do is serve And enjoy and I have to be honest I am Not usually a fan of green juice but This was surprisingly sweet and Flavorful the apple and ginger were Really complementary the lime juice Added such a nice freshness I preferred It to lemon and it didn't taste bitter At all a lot of people worry that green Juice doesn't have nutrition without the

Pulp of the fruit but it actually does Have nutrition what it doesn't have is The fiber now that said I don't know That I prefer a green juice to a regular Old green smoothie where you still get That fiber but you do you so I have Linked this recipe and others like it Below as well as many green smoothies And that is it for this recipe thank you So much for being here I will see you on Thursday with a brand new lighten up Episode and remember it's all a matter Of Mind Over munch

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