How to Make Acai Bowls at Home (3 Ingredients + Toppings!)

[Music] Today we are making lightened up acai Bowls now I love an acai bowl and the Health benefits of acai are well Documented but sometimes especially when Eating out and acai Bowl can be loaded With added sugar now sure an acai Bowl May seem like the more nutritious Alternative and yes sometimes it is but Many store-bought or restaurant ordered Varieties can contain more sugar than Half a dozen donuts so acai is not a Fruit that's naturally very sweet it Requires some kind of sugar added or Natural to make it palatable really of Course so much of the nutrition also Depends on the topping you choose the Size of the bowl all of that now how do We lighten up when it comes to acai Bowls well the first way would be to Simply give yourself permission to eat An acid valuable even if it has some Added sugar and I've talked a lot in the Past about the power of permission when It comes to Healing our relationships With food so maybe this is what lighten Up means to you right now it's important That we are able to lighten up on Ourselves lighten up on the Self-judgment the criticism and be kind To ourselves on this journey it's hard To be healthy sometimes we may want to Choose to make our own lower sugar acai Bowl and if that's the case I've got you

Covered in this episode but first don't Forget to like subscribe and hit the Bell to be notified of new videos all Month long in a blender add Frozen acai Puree I decided to thaw out my packets For about 10 minutes first because they Were really Frozen and my blender did Not like that and then I add frozen Fruit I went with frozen banana and Almond milk and then you just blend that Up now you can use any frozen fruit but Something like berries frozen berries Aren't going to add as much natural Sweetness fruits like banana or Pineapple or mango they're naturally Sweeter and so they are a great way to Add sweetness to your acai bowl without Added sugar it's important to note that The Frozen acai puree packet that I'm Using has no added sugar it's made from 100 acai make sure to check the Ingredient label of your acai pack so That you know what's going into your Bowl at the grocery store they sell acai Packets that are made for Smoothie bowls That have other ingredients already in Them often sugar is one of them so just Check so then transfer your Blended Mixture into a bowl and it's ready for Your toppings toppings in my opinion Really make or break an acai Bowl both In terms of flavor and nutrition you Could do really whatever you want sliced Banana fresh berries dragon fruit kiwi

Granola coconut chips peanut butter Pumpkin seeds hemp seeds anything you Want peanut butter for me is a must on An acai Bowl but you know acknowledging It does add a heap of calories and fat Which isn't necessarily A Bad Thing it's Just important to be aware of what we're Consuming and not unaware and on Autopilot or just going through the Motions of like healthy food eat healthy Food right whatever okay this bowl that I've made doesn't have any added sugar But it's still sweet enough with the Banana and there are plenty of Complementary textures and flavors the Crunch of the toppings paired with a Soft sweet banana and creamy Frozen acai Mixture is also delicious and not to Mention it's loaded with nutrients now This is not an overly sweet Bowl but if You make your own you get to be in Control of how much sugar and sweetness You add that said if you choose to get a Store-bought or restaurant style acai Bowl that's okay too you can still do Your best to choose nutritious toppings With less sugar or not it's up to you That's the thing about lightening up is You have to choose the best way that Works for you based on where you're at Along your journey what you're feeling In the moment and whatever choices you Make no you know you're doing your best And that's enough before we can get

Somewhere else we have to acknowledge Where we are right now and let that be Enough okay and you are enough just as You are right now so thank you so much For being here I will see you on Thursday with a brand new episode and Remember it's all a matter of Mind Over Munch [Music] Thank you

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