Healthy Rainbow Salad Meal Prep!

Hey lovelies today I'm sharing one of my Favorite meal prep ideas it's this Rainbow salad that is protein packed Fiber rich and totally vegetarian to get Started I'm mixing up my dressing which Is just a combination of avocado oil Some apple cider vinegar a little bit of Honey some Dijon mustard salt pepper Give it a whisk and you can set that Aside to assemble my salad I've got some Cooked quinoa in my bowl and to that I'm Adding some canned chickpeas I have got Some cucumber red cabbage corn carrot And some red bell pepper headed in here As well for a little extra flavor I've Got some finely chopped red onion and Finally some parsley headed into my bowl I'm going to pour over my dressing give This all a good stir and it is ready to Be devoured this will last in your Refrigerator for three or four days so Make it during your Sunday meal prep and Enjoy it all week long

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