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If you don't know me my name is Danny I'm a health Wellness life and weight Coach and like many of you I've had my Own Journey with health and weight and Body throughout the years and I know That when you're feeling ready for Change it can be very tempting to jump To Extreme Measures which is why I Wanted to do this video just as a way to Invite you to pause take a deep breath And connect to sanity AKA to the wiser Part of yourself so that you can think About this in a kind sustainable way and While I know there is a ton of Information in the world around health And weight loss and tons of really great Information these are three tips that Have really been helpful and grounding To me throughout my journey so this is What I want to share with you okay so Let's start with food because I know When it comes to health and weight That's where most people's mind goes First and that's for good reason food is A very important piece of the puzzle but We do live in a world where there is an Abundance of nutritional information Coming at us and very often this Information is quite contradictory right Should we do this should we do that Should we go left should we go right There's a lot of information there's a Lot of science that backs up all of this Contradictory information and so

Oftentimes we're left feeling a little Bit confused and overwhelmed and even Hopeless because you feel like you're Just not sure which direction to turn so I want to simplify this for you okay if You read all of the nutritional books Out in the world right if you were to Read every single one with all of their Different opinions and different angles And different spins what you will see is At the core of these books there is a Tie through message that kind of weaves Them all together and here's what that Message is eat an abundance of Vegetables prioritize high quality Proteins and healthy fats and then enjoy Slow digesting high quality Carbohydrates like fruits uh vegetables Whole grains in a way that works for you Your lifestyle and your body and you Want to do all this while minimizing Highly processed flour sugar and oil That is the core message that comes Through all of these different dietary Approaches and I really want you to get Or succeed or to accept that it doesn't Have to be harder than that my way of Saying this is focus on real whole Unprocessed Foods as close to their Natural state as possible most of the Time when you go back to the basics and You're focusing on real Whole Foods I Truly trust that every single one of us If I gave you two different plate

Options you would instinctually know on Some level which is the more nutritious Option right but again what happens is We collect so much nutritional Information in our minds that we get Stuck in our heads and we stop Connecting to our bodies right we over Intellect over intellectualize food and Then it feels very confusing and very Hard if you've ever jumped on or chased Down a crazy diet you know exactly what I'm talking about right like eating Cheese and bacon but not touching an Apple or never eating real whole food And only eating the little pre-packaged Foods that come with the system right It's like we literally disconnect from Our own sanity and our own inner knowing And we jump to these Extreme Measures And that is a result of just truly Wanting some type of answer but what I Want to encourage you to do is just come Back to the basics this is truly the Tool that has helped me throughout the Years and so it's what I want to offer To you and that's really what this Channel is all about we have tons of Real whole healthy recipes to help Support you on that journey and don't Forget I have a cookbook coming out in The spring as well which you can Pre-order so I'll leave that down in the Description box as well the second tip That has really helped ground and

The Flat Belly Code

Directly throughout the years is Understanding that food is not always What needs our attention right now I am Not not denying that food is a very Important part of our health and weight Journeys it absolutely is but if you Ever find yourself eating when you're Not physiologically hungry or wanting to Eat when you're not actually physically Hungry this is no longer a conversation About food so keeping your attention on The food is keeping your attention on Something that is actually not the Problem right so trying to control or Manipulate or you know restrict the food That you eat without Understanding the underlying desire to Eat that food It's not going to help solve the problem We need to understand what we are Actually feeling hungry for right Because often feelings Feelings emotions they are desires that Can easily be mistaken for hungry right I feel lonely I feel overwhelmed I feel Afraid I feel angry I feel bored I feel Confused I feel doubtful I feel Worthless I feel hopeless you name it All of these emotions can create a Feeling of hunger because hunger is like A desire it's a drive and there is a Desire inside of you for your own Attention something inside of you needs Your awareness and turning to food will

Not solve for that for many of you Myself included you grow up not Realizing that emotions a whole rainbow Of them is completely normal and they Are all completely safe right and so What happens is if you believe that You're supposed to be like shiny and Happy all of the time when you feel Negative and or uncomfortable emotions You tend to look in a different Direction or you try to solve for them With something outside of you right in This case food but it could be alcohol It could be work it could be over Shopping there are a lot of things People do to distract themselves Ultimately from themselves but what we Have to remember is that our emotions Are like little Messengers and they hold Information for us about us and if we Constantly try to sidestep them or numb Them out or buffer them by eating a Bunch of snacks we never get to receive That message right and therefore we Never really get to understand what we Are experiencing and what we are truly Needing what we are truly Desiring or What we are truly feeling hungry for and This is really important to know and to See and to understand because this is a Practice of learning how to allow and Process emotion and it truly has Absolutely nothing to do with food and So when we stay focused on the food you

Feel really out of alignment and really Off track because technically you are And so people end up feeling like you Know they have like willpower problems Like they can't control the food or the Eating but but that's not the case right It's not about the food this is not a Willpower conversation it's a Self-awareness conversation when it Comes to emotions so much of the work is Simply to create awareness about them to Acknowledge them you don't necessarily Have to do anything with them you don't Need to fix yourself you don't need to Change yourself but you do need to Bear Witness to yourself you have to be Willing to be with yourself in all of it So often what we're really wanting the Most is our own attention right it's It's our own acknowledgment so taking The time to build a practice around Self-awareness and the ability to allow And process emotions no matter which Ones they are is really a practice worth Taking on because you're going to see That as you practice that that strong Desire to eat when you're not hungry That strong desire to have Foods when You're not physically hungry for them Just starts to fall away and it's not a Wrestling match with the food and you'll See it actually has nothing to do with The food at all it's not even a food Conversation right this is much more

About self-awareness and self-inquiry And as we practice that that over desire For food starts to fall away and the Third tip or tool that has really helped Guide and ground me throughout the years Is understanding that big change truly Is a culmination of small daily Practices it is our day in and our day Out habits that will create any type of Change that we want and we do live in a World where everybody's trying to sell Us you know the big change the quick fix The Extreme Measures but as you know if You've ever tried any of them it does Not work what what matters is each Individual decision we make day to day Today today I love the quote that Transformation is a decision not a Destination right it's what we are doing Here and it's what we are doing now and It's what we are choosing moment after Moment after moment our brains need Direction especially when we want to do Something different right that's why Creating small daily habits is where the Party is at right you have to direct Your brain Towards what you are wanting to do what You are wanting to practice who you want To live into or step into so I find it Really helpful to just step back and Just ask yourself what is one or two Things that I know I could be doing Right now that would help move me

Towards my goal right you can also ask Yourself what is one thing I'm clear That I could stop doing right now that Could help towards move me towards my Goal but usually we have to remember That when we take something away it's Much easier to replace that with another Habit rather than just trying to like White Knuckle remove something from go And do yourself a favor and don't look At the big players until you have truly Mastered the core Basics again that we Hear over and over again because this is What it all boils down to right are you Staying hydrated every day are you Drinking enough water are you getting Fresh air every single day are you Walking and moving your body every day Are you getting that eight to ten Thousand steps per day are you Prioritizing vegetables and high quality Proteins and healthy fats in your meals And most importantly are you getting Enough rest are you getting enough sleep Every single night look at those Basics Before you jump to the extremes if you Are not if you have not mastered those Habits in your every single day life I Would start right there I would pick one Or two of those things and begin to Strategize begin to practice how you can Create this as a part of your being how You can create this as something that You do every single day because if

You're doing those five things you have A really strong base to build off of and If you're not doing those five things Just remind yourself like let's start With the basics remember the key here is To do things in a kind sane sustainable Way and the basics are always a Beautiful place to start and if you're Ready to do a deep dive you want more Support this book right here Atomic Habits is a fantastic read it's written By James Clear tiny changes remarkable Results it's a really a great reminder It has lots of tips and tools about how We actually practice creating day-to-day Habits that support what we want to Create and or achieve and I think it's a Great read especially because we live in A world that's always trying to sell us Like on the fast quick overnight fix and This is a reminder that change actually Happens gradually with the little tiny Decisions we do each and every day and For those of you who really want to take Deep dive in their weight journey I also Have a six week digital course it's Called the don't diet and it's all of The tools and tips that I practiced on My own journey to help you take a kind Sustainable approach to your weight and Health goal so if that's something You're interested in I have a link down In the description box below that will Be opening again in the near future so I

Would love to support you if that's Something that you're looking for okay Now as always I want to hear from you What tips and tools have helped you on Your health and or weight loss Journey Throughout the years I'm looking for Like really good sustainable practical Tips that you have practiced that have Helped to move you forward so come on Down to the comments below and do share And of course if you have any questions Thoughts aha moments that is also the Place to share as well thanks so much For watching I'm Danny spies and I'll See you back here next time with some More food for thought cheers

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