Epic 10 Min Veg Burger! #shorts

Welcome to Epic 10 minute veg burger First up let's prepare our base flavors We have onion garlic and we're gonna fry That until it goes nice and brown next Up some shred some oyster mushrooms and Pop them in on top of the pan along with Four tablespoons of tamari fry them down With a little bit of nutritional yeast And a can of kidney beans or beans of Choice once that's all cooked pop it Into a food processor with 100 grams of Bread crumbs and blend until you get This real nice kind of burger patty Shaper it really holds its body together Fry that a little bit of oil add a kind Of medium heat until the brands on both Sides really take your time so you get This lovely kind of crust on the Exterior we're going to go with one Cheeseburger one non cheeseburger pop Your buns into the pan and allow them to Heat up and prepare our toppings so We're going with gherkins Tomatoes a Little bit of vegan mayo and some Caramelized red onion Hmm

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