Eat This for Prosperity & Good Fortune This New Year! #shorts

On Lunar New Year Korean people we love To eat Korean rice cake soup today's Version is going to be more of an Instant version we are going to heat up Some water bring this to a boil half a Veggie bouillon Cube let's just mix These some soft tofu bit of soy sauce a Tiny bit of sesame oil mix that up You don't have to add in mushrooms but We love mushrooms which is that at all Some minced garlic yay I'm also going to Add in some green onion Korean rice Cakes the coin-shaped ones it's supposed To symbolize prosperity in the New Year You're gonna get rich store-bought Veggie dumplings I think at this point we can add our Tofu if you want you can marinate this For longer a little bit of kelp powder This is optional so the rice cakes you Can kind of tell when they're ready they Should rise to the Top This is the Ingredient seaweed roasted seaweed I Like to be very generous so that's how You make basically instant Taco it's Really really good Hmm

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