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Today let's grow some sprouts Welcome back to the show everybody this Is the whole food plant-based cooking Show where we make plant-based cooking Easy and today we're talking about Sprouts and micro greens and my personal Hero Doug Evans the writer of the Sprout Book which you need to get we'll give You a link in the details below so I'm Going to show you how I do my process When I first started sprouting I used a Glass jar system with a little screw on Screen and it has a little stand and you Have to put it in some type of drip tray But what I found it was a little bit Cumbersome and I had so many little Containers all over the place and then Just recently I discovered these little Sets they're all stainless steel they're Stackable I just love these so this is What I've been doing lately and I'm Going to show you how to do it so the Benefit of these I find is that they're Stainless steel they're every part of it Is dishwasher safe the screens that are In the bottom parts of these are really Small so if you're sprouting really Small seeds they don't fall through Which is great so I'm going to take you Through how I do this so these are a Couple companies of where I buy Sprouts From the Sprout house and they're Organic non-GMO so you want to read Those labels really carefully make sure

That you're getting at least organic or Non-GMO seeds because they select them a Little bit differently than just seeds That you would use out in your garden to Plant they're a little bit higher Germination So and uh garden seeds sometimes they Spray different type of pesticides or Herbicides on them because they're going To be outdoors but they know that Sprouts are in a very contained Situation You know it's it's very clean and Sterile so they don't have to spray all Of that stuff on them so these are much Much safer sprouting seeds are different From garden seeds so you want to get Sprouting seeds So what I'm going to show you today are My favorite are the broccoli Sprouts so Usually So in the bottom of this tray this is The drip tray but you also use it as Your soaking tray So I usually put about three tablespoons In there Because that gives me a nice Oops healthy amount And it fills it really well And then you'll want to put some water In there and cover them with water And I usually shake them around a little Bit because they So the water gets on them really well

So you're going to leave this on your Countertop overnight for eight hours and Once that's done you're going to take Them to your sink And you're going to pour out that that Rinse water that soap water and you're Going to rinse them off then you're Going to pour them into your little Screen and spread them out really evenly On that screen so that they have plenty Of room to grow And then once you get that done you're Going to set that on your counter with The lid on And you're just you're going to leave That overnight and you're going to check On it every day and you're going to Rinse it two to three times a day once They start to get these little teeny Leaves on them that's when you're going To take that lid off and you're going to Just leave them on your countertop or You can put them in you know somewhere By a window Because if you you can definitely grow These without any sunlight but they're Going to be a little bit lighter colored Like this but if you want to get even More health benefits you're going to get The chlorophyll which is what happens When the Sun Shines on these guys you're Going to get this nicer darker green Color so they're going to have even more Nutrients okay so these are on third day

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And if you see the roots are going Through the bottom broccoli Sprouts in Particular The Roots start to get a Little bit slimy looking So what we're going to do is gonna we're Gonna cut those roots off just a little Bit Which makes them easier to take out of That container Okay so what you're going to do is You're just you need a really sharp Knife you're just going to run that just You know a little bit slanted on that Screen so it doesn't cut into the screen And you're just going to start cutting Off those roots Because you can see they look a little Bit slimy and it doesn't smell that Great either So that means to me it's not going to Taste very good But by cutting these roots off it makes It so much easier to take them out Of the screen and put them in your Container All right so now that our roots are cut Off we're going to take these out and Put them into our tupperware container So you just you know you're just going To do this with your hand or you could Do it with a spatula but see how easy They come out now that those roots are Cut off and I'm going to put them here In my Tupperware container

And these can go in your refrigerator And they will be good for You know three to four days and Sometimes they might get a little slimy But you can just rinse them off again Make sure you drain them out really Really well put the lid back on put them Back in the fridge and they'll be good For a couple more days Okay so that's that's those and I wanted To also show you some other seeds that I've that I'm just starting to soak I'm Just fascinated by them I've got some Amaranth seeds here which amaranth seeds Are so so so teeny so another benefit to These with these screens like this They're so small that even amaranth Seeds which are one of the smallest ones To sprout they don't fall through these Have already been soaked in there you Can see the little roots coming out so Cute And these are basil seeds so if you see There it's kind of like chia seeds or Flax seeds if you've soaked them they Get this like gelatinous stuff on there So I'm kind of experimenting with those Because I love basil and I know basil Sprouts will be delicious So that's all of our sprouts so you can Also do micro Greens in these trays so I'm going to clear these out and get my Micro greens out and I'll show you how To do that

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Results directly on their website as a Special discount for our viewers just Use code plant-based easy at checkout to Save 15 off of your order All right so our micro greens so I Started out with these these are just Pea sprouting seeds they make little pea Shoots which are really delicious and They're loaded with protein So these same process you soak them you Rinse them drain them all that kind of Stuff and once they get to the the stage Where they have the little uh the little Leaves you take the lead up the lid off And you set them in the windowsill so Micro greens do need to go in the sun Except for mung bean sprouts I think Those like to stay in the dark but I Haven't really done a lot of Experimenting with the mung beans yet So these guys one thing once they got to That leaf stage I put them in the Windowsill and this is about four days Of growth and if you see the The Roots Here they get pretty aggressive see that Big root system right there that's just Fascinating I love this kind of stuff so When they get like that they're looking For water so you want to take your Little drip tray here and you fill it up With water so that and you set this back Down in it so those seeds can find that Water and continue to grow And then throughout the day you know you

Still want to rinse them just like you Were before two or three times a day and Then throughout the day sometimes if I'm Thinking about it I just give them a Little Spritz I have this just little Water Spritz bottle Just to keep them in a more humid Situation because over the winter your Houses are usually pretty dry All right so that's them and once these Get up to about three or four inches Then you just snip them off and you use Them as more like a salad Like here's some sunflower sprouts and Our micro greens and here's a microgreen Mix along with some broccoli Sprouts Here So if you see the difference here each One of these was four dollars so four Dollars for this four dollars for this And four dollars for our broccoli Sprouts These are the broccoli Sprouts we made So one tablespoon of broccoli Sprouts Costs about 30 cents So this is because we used three Tablespoons that's 90 cents of broccoli Sprouts Super Fresh you can eat them the day They're ready these guys came from the Grocery store Which I'm not a huge fan of I've eaten Them from the grocery store and what I Find

Is if you smell them to me It's just a weird smell it's that smell That you get on the in the inside of Like lettuce bags or carrot bags I think It's some type of gas that they blow in There that helps them to stay fresher For longer but to me it smells like Mildew and my brain says mildew even Though there's probably no mold or Mildew in these It just is not appealing I smell these And I smell fresh green growth I smell that and my brain says don't eat That I don't want to eat that so this Was four dollars This is 90 cents There's no comparison in cost And you know that you're getting the Freshest it's organic it's you know it's Clean you know how it's been handled I Would definitely opt for growing your Own So that's all of the micro greens and The Sprouts so now I'm going to show you How we like to eat our sprouts while We're waiting for that I'd like to share Some background on our show the whole Food plant-based cooking show is Crowdfunded which means these free Weekly recipe videos along with our Entire catalog of free printable recipes On our website Plant-basedcookingshow.com and our Plant-based cooking Made Easy cookbook

Series are all made possible in part by The generous patronage of our supporting Membership Community our supporting Members gain access to great member Perks like our monthly product giveaways Ebooks and in-depth courses including Our 28 days plant-based Made Easy course Where we offer a step-by-step guide to Making the switch to a fully plant-based Diet so if you love our recipes I invite You to join us on our mission to make Plant-based cooking easy and follow the Link in the description to become a Supporting member today Okay let's get back to the show Okay so I'm going to show you how we Like to eat ours or some of my favorite Ways of eating Sprouts so I'm going to Start with our breakfast my absolute Favorite breakfast lately is a piece of Sprouted grain this is cinnamon raisin Toast I love this stuff so we're doing Sprouted grain on top of sprout you know Sprouts sprouted grain it's all Sprouts It's all good and healthy so I toast it First and then I put a little bit of Peanut butter And this is just a regular peanut butter No Uh no sugar no added oil this is just Salted peanuts ground up that's all it Is Okay so I put that in there And then I put my banana

In the middle That's a pretty big banana there but Oh well and then I put a big pile of sprouts As many as I can really Tolerate to eat in the Bro in my Breakfast or as much as I can hold on to You really and then I just kind of Fold It kind of like a burrito or like a taco And I eat it just like that that is my Absolute favorite breakfast in the Morning All right so now on to lunch Again we're going to use some sprouted Grain tortillas Our wraps so I would take A wrap And then I've got just some baked tofu From the night before You know so this is a good way to use up Some leftovers to make a wrap with Some tomatoes Some avocado Red onion I love red onion It's so so healthy for you And then another and lunch I really load Up Really put more like Probably a cup to a cup and a half Really of sprouts in there and that's Where I like to use my favorite broccoli Sprouts sometimes in the morning with Something that's more on the sweet side You might want to use a milder flavor of

A sprout like Clover or Alfalfa those Are a little bit milder flavors broccoli Is a Little Bit Stronger flavor I don't Mind it I'm really I'm used to it after Eating them for so long And then we're going to put some I do Stone ground mustard because I Absolutely love Mustard Because it's kind of spicy So that's lunch And then for dinner And this little guy out of the way You know we're usually eating you know Something like a soup or a stew or even If you're doing you know like Jeff likes To have a sweet potato a long mashed With some beans something really simple And then a big pile of Sprouts on top of That or you can just have some soup same Thing Big pile Right on top of that soup and that's Simple enough look at that you're Getting Sprouts three times a day all of Those nutrients packed in your body You are good to go so thanks for coming Along with this journey for me I hope You've learned a lot and I hope this Gets you excited about sprouting

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