Dr. Gregers Daily Dozen Challenge with Tami Kramer of Nutmeg Notebook

Foreign [Music] Hi everybody and welcome I'm Tammy from Nutmeg notebook and today I am taking Dr Greger's daily dozen challenge so Dr Greger runs Nutritionfacts.org where he shares Evidence-based scientific medical Information with us so that we know the Best things that we can do for our Health so today I will be using his app You just go to your App Store and Download The Daily dozen app and in here Is what I'm going to be challenged with Trying to get all of these wonderful Nutritional Foods in today so I will be Sharing with you throughout the day my Exercise as well as what I'm going to be Eating and how I'm doing on the Challenge so I have already had one Glass of water so I will be able to tap That and I'm getting ready to have a cup Of hot water with some lemon juice so That'll give me two and then I'm also Going to be taking my vitamin B12 as Well so I'll get started I'm going to Get some check marks and then because It's a rainy stormy day here I'm gonna Hit my treadmill which I thought was Kind of funny because we know Dr Greger Loves his treadmill so I'll be doing the Treadmill today to get my exercise in And I'll check back with you in a little Bit

Hey everybody back on my treadmill now Doing my exercise for the daily dozen Challenge and I'm watching Dr Greger and Guess what He's on his treadmill too All right I'll check back in with you Later today Hey it's lunch time so I'm so excited to Build my lunch and I thought I would Share it with you this is for the daily Dozen uh challenge so I already took and Chopped my salad I batch prepped these For the week ahead of time and then I Like to chop it it just makes it easier To eat so what is in here is kale Arugula red cabbage spinach red onions Broccoli slash shredded uh carrots Tomatoes so a lot of yummy stuff already Right inside my salad So I'm just going to transfer it to my Bowl that I'm going to eat out of And it smells absolutely amazing already So excited okay then I'm gonna have a Wide variety of things that I'm going to Put in it and this is actually how I Normally eat and I do only eat two meals A day I'm not hungry in the morning for Breakfast I like to exercise in the Morning and I don't like to have Anything in my stomach when I do that And then by the time I get done with That and you know I'm showered and Undressed it's just kind of late in the Day I just wait for lunch that's when

I'm really hungry and I usually have This beautiful chopped salad for my Lunch with a wide variety of things that You can see so this is a dill lemon dill Chickpea salad that I just made Yesterday so it has the chickpeas fresh Dill Some dried dill some celery some carrots And some tofu that I use to make my Dressing so I'm going to go ahead and Put that here and that is about a Cup's Worth So that's going to get me some of my Beans in for today and then this is a Multi-grain pilaf that I make in my Instant pot a couple different Rices That way I'm getting more grains and one Serving so I like to do what Dr Greger Suggests with his small or brawl and Although I do it gluten free and just Cook multiple grains together and that Way I'm getting more of those all in one Serving so I'm gonna just add that here And this is a half a cup I freeze it I Make it and then I freeze it in half cup Servings then of course I have some Brussels sprouts these were just fresh Roast Soul Sprouts that I steamed Lightly and you can do that ahead of Time as well and put them in your fridge And they will just stay really nice for You and you can add them to lots of Different things so so chopped salads Nourish bowls

Hippie bowls just you know as a side Dish with any of your other yummy things That you like to eat Some peppers that I roasted yesterday These are just those sweet Little mini peppers they have them right Now at Costco and they're absolutely Wonderful they're almost like candy when You oven roast them then I have Cucumbers These Are Persian cucumbers These are my favorite because they don't Have seeds and they're really really Sweet So they just add a nice flavor and some Crunch I like the different textures That I get in my salads as well and then Berries so I have the blue berries these Are some fresh blueberries I'm very Fortunate we live in Northern California And we have access to absolutely Incredible produce Here so I want about half a cup And I'll have some more berries later Today as a dessert and then I have some Fresh strawberries we can still get Fresh strawberries here grown in California I know in many places this Season is already over for you So we'll just add some of those in here As well This is kabocha squash I like to make One like every week and then I will just Keep it in the fridge and add it to my Salads and

Um you know steamed vegetables whatever It is that I'm eating So love that all that color I also have a tablespoon of flaxseed and A quarter teaspoon of turmeric and Usually I add that to my chopped salad And I forgot and so I'm just gonna pour It in here and I will mix it in as I'm Eating And then I have Sprouts so I do grow my Own broccoli sprouts and it's super Simple and easy it only takes like four Days to grow them and they're super Packed with nutrition and it's very Inexpensive you can do it for absolutely Pennies you don't have to have any Special equipment I use a quart size Canning jar and then I have some micro Greens I do buy these I haven't started Making my own yet but these are Delicious and I can get them at a couple Of my local stores and they're Absolutely wonderful and packed with so Much nutrition then I have a tablespoon Of pumpkin seeds my husband and I love To put pumpkin seeds on our salads every Day we have some he usually has two or Three tablespoons and I stick with just One and then just for added flavor I do Have some extra fresh dill that I'm just Going to use my kitchen shears and just Add that because I'm just going to Reinforce that flavor and fresh herbs And dried herbs are full of

Healthy ingredients for us lots of Antioxidants Lots of good nutrition here So I have that I think that that is Everything And then I will also just give it a Drizzle of this California balsamic Simply lemon vinegar Let me show you there it's light it's Delicious Dr Greger says vinegar is good To have every day So I'm gonna just drizzle this over the Top And it adds a nice little bit of flavor And I like that a little bit of vinegar With everything that I have in here this Is what we call eating the rainbow Because I have a lot of color in here And lots of nutrients and antioxidants And it's also going to be delicious Which is also very very important Because if it isn't delicious we're not Going to eat it every day and this is a Habit that I can do every day that I Look forward to and this will keep me Full until I eat dinner at about six O'clock or 6 30 tonight so let's see What this got me on the app and I Actually I took notes to write it down And I think I'm doing pretty good with This challenge just because of the way That I normally eat so this is just a Good way to see what are we doing so Beans

I'm gonna get to mark off I think a Serving is considered half a cup and I Have a cup so I get to mark off two of Those So that's exciting and I have my berries So I'm gonna Mark that off and then I Also have Um it'll it other fruit that I'll have Later today cruciferous vegetables so The Brussels sprouts the arugula and the Kale all count towards the cruciferous Vegetables you only have to have one and I'm well past that and then greens I Have lots of greens in here because I Have my spinach my kale my arugula so I'm going to get to count both of those And other vegetables which I also have In here because I have the peppers and I Have the cucumbers and I have the Carrots so I've already made my quota on That my tablespoon of flaxseed I have That the tablespoon of nuts or seeds I Have that with my pumpkin seeds herbs And spices I have the turmeric and I Also have the deal but you only have to Have one whole grain I'm going to get to Mark off one of those See here we go so doing great I've had Three glasses of water today so I'm Going to get to count those I just have Two more to do I did my exercise on the Treadmill that I showed you earlier and I took my vitamin B12 so I'm doing great There's just a few things left that I

Need to get in at dinner and I'll be Back to show you what I do for that so Right now I'm gonna go and enjoy my Lunch Hey everybody I'm back and it's dinner Time this is the daily dozen Challenge From Dr greger's Nutritionfact.org and I'm doing great on It I'm so excited so for dinner I Thought I would do one of my favorites Which is like a burrito bowl I love love Love Mexican food and you can make Delicious Whole Food plant-based Mexican Meals so I'm going to start off with Some dark leafy greens I don't usually Buy Lettuce because lettuce isn't as Versatile dark leafy greens I can saute If I don't get them used up before they Start to go bad I can pop them in the Freezer and then I can use them in Smoothies or in soup stews chili what Have you so they're very versatile and They're sturdier than most lettuce and So they last longer for me so I'm gonna I have a nice deep Bowl here these are One of my favorite bowls for making like Nourish bowls or burrito bowls so I'm Going to put a layer of these in the Bottom because this is just a really Great way to get in some extra greens I Try to have greens at every meal and I'm Going to end up heating this up and so They're going to wilt down in fact I'm Going to go ahead and put a few more in

There and then I have a grain to go in And this is a mixture of three different Things so this is Oak roots that I cook In my instant pot so that they come out Granular kind of like brown rice and Then I've mixed them with brown rice and Some wild rice because then I'm getting A lot of different grains but all in one Serving and so we'll put some of this in And I only want about a half a cup Because I have a lot of starch going on In this dish so I have that and I Absolutely love corn and when it isn't In season then I have frozen corn and it Works out great there's nothing wrong With using Frozen fruits and vegetables So we'll put that in there it adds a lot Of color I have black beans and I have Just seasoned these with a little bit of Cumin ground cumin powder which I Absolutely love some garlic powder and Some onion powder and it makes them very Delicious and you can use canned beans Or you can make them in the instant pot Really easily so I'm gonna put these in Here this is about a half a cup I don't Really measure anything I kind of Eyeball it but it's about half of a cup And I love black beans and pinto beans They're so delicious okay so what else Do I have I have some salsa here and That is going to add a lot of Flavor now You can make your own salsa or you can Buy some low sodium salsa if it's really

Easy to make I have a recipe on my blog Called Tammy's easy red salsa you just Make it in your food processor or your Blender and it only takes a few minutes You can make it at home quicker than you Can go to the store to buy it then I Have some green onions or scallions and When I get these at the beginning of the Week I go ahead and clean them and slice Them and then put them in a covered Container in my refrigerator and they Will last for days and it makes meal Prep so much easier because I've already Done the work you know at the end of the Day you're tired and you don't always Want to cook everything from scratch so This is a really good way to be able to Still eat healthy at the end of the day And then a little bit of fresh lime Juice so Citrus juice adds a real nice Punch of flavor to everything whether it Could be orange lemon or lime which is One of my favorites and so I'll just Squeeze that over the top And if you're trying to eat low sodium a Little squeeze of some Citrus juice will Really make it tasty Okay so we're good with that And then what I would do is just put a Little bit of cilantro on top now I Learned how to store cilantro so that it Will actually last for about two weeks In my fridge and this was from the book Fridge Love by Kristen Hong you take

Your cilantro when you get it home trim The bottom of it put it in a glass jar With a little bit of water and then Cover it with a produce bag and put it In your refrigerator and you will be Amazed I've had it last for a little Over two weeks of course how long it's Going to last is going to depend on how Fresh it was when you first bought it But this is a great tip Okay so I'm just going to Trim this use my little kitchen shears I Love cilantro if you don't like cilantro It's okay I'm so glad that I like it Though because it has such great flavor It's amazing So then also I love corn tortilla chips And you can get the fresh corn tortillas Where all they have in them is just corn And maybe lime juice and water and if You want to you can put them in your air Fryer without any oil at 375 degrees and Anywhere from four to seven minutes Depending on how thick they are and then You can make these are the little slider Size and this makes a wonderful little Tostada but I can also cut them into Triangles and make chips or I'll cut Them into little strips and then I'll Have crunchy Little Tortilla strips that I can put over the top and then I'll Just pop this in the microwave for a Couple of minutes to heat it up those Greens are going to wilt and all the

Rest of it's going to heat up nicely and Then I'll have it with my little corn Tortillas and then for dessert fresh Fruit this is Nature's dessert so I have Red pears from California and Clementines which are absolutely Delicious and juicy also from California Strawberries from California and then I've got some black raspberries and that Will be my dessert and this will make For a wonderful filling meal now if I Wanted to I could add some avocado but I'm thinking that this has plenty of Food in it already so but my husband Will probably want a little bit of Avocado on his so let's see how I've Done today in total So I'm going to open up my app here And the daily dozen app so make sure you Download that for yourself so I have Another serving of beans Bingo made all Of my beans I have three more servings Of fruit in here because I had fruit at Lunch so I'm going to get all of those I've already hit the mark on all of my Vegetables whole grain the tortillas And the rice and Peel off with the oak growth is going to Account for the rest of my whole grains And I had water at lunch and I had water This afternoon and I will also have Water with dinner so that will be my Last water and I can x that out as well And then I have hit all of my targets

For the daily dozen today and you know What it was really easy to do so and I Have discovered that I'm actually doing Pretty well Um probably a little bit lapse on the Fruit this time of year because I'm a Big summer fruit lover and so the one Thing I saw is that I could add a little More fruit to my daily diet during the Winter months so I want to remind you to Get the app and then also so you can Download a nice little packet of Information you get the daily dozen meal Planning guide and this will really help Give you Direction on how to eat and What to choose and also it will tell you What constitutes a cruciferous vegetable What is a green vegetable and so forth As well as give you quantities so that It will make it really easy for you so I'm challenging you to take the daily Dozen challenge And see how you do and then you Challenge another friend let's let Everybody get healthy this year thanks So much for watching and I'll see you Next time bye [Applause] [Music]

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