Creamy Thai Peanut Brussels Sprouts ❤️ Love your cruciferous veggies!

Let's make Thai peanut brussels sprouts Welcome back to the whole food Plant-based cooking show where we make Plant-based cooking easy today we are Cooking up some brussels sprouts so if You've never eaten brussels sprouts That's this little guy right here So this is a member of the cruciferous Family which is like cabbage broccoli Cauliflower and Brussels sprouts so Essentially they look like little teeny Cabbages right and that's kind of what They taste like but if you're afraid of Brussels sprouts or you just don't think You like the flavor of them I'm going to Convince you that these are delicious So what you want to start out with is Your brussels sprouts they always come Chopped off like this because they grow On a stock but you want to chop that Little section off because it's usually A little bit Brown and then we're going To slice them up really thinly so you Got a whole Bowl right here of thinly Sliced brussels sprouts and this is a 12 Ounce bag that we're going to get Cooking in our pan here I just have a Dry pan that I'm sticking them into And we're just going to cook them down a Little bit anywhere between 5 and 10 Minutes and while they're cooking I just Have a little bit of water here That's just gonna It's gonna help them steam a little bit

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And it's also going to prevent them from Sticking to your pan so if you feel like It's sticking a little bit just put a Little bit of water in there and start Stirring them around so I'm going to let Them cook for about five minutes and Then after five minutes I'm gonna throw In two cloves of minced garlic And then I'll show you how to make the Delicious sauce that's going to make you Fall in love with brussels sprouts While we're waiting for that I'd like to Share some background on our show the Whole food plant-based cooking show is Crowdfunded which means these free Weekly recipe videos along with our Entire catalog of free printable recipes On our website and our Plant-based cooking Made Easy cookbook Series are all made possible in part by The generous patronage of our supporting Membership Community our supporting Members gain access to great member Perks like our monthly product giveaways Ebooks and in-depth courses including Our 28 days plant-based Made Easy course Where we offer a step-by-step guide to Making the switch to a fully plant-based Diet so if you love our recipes I invite You to join us on our mission to make Plant-based cooking easy and follow the Link in the description to become a Supporting member today

Okay let's get back to the show Okay so now our brussels sprouts are Cooked to the way I like them this is Completely up to you if you want to Leave them a little bit crispier if the Or if you want to make them even softer Than this Feel free but I like them kind of in the Middle they still have a little bit of Crunch left to them but they're also Soft all right so now on to this Delicious sauce so first we're going to Start with two teaspoons of nice white Miso paste And you don't need to be afraid of the Miso paste it does have sodium in it but I'll link you to an interesting article About miso and how it's produced and why It doesn't really raise your blood Pressure It's very interesting then I have a Tablespoon and a half Of peanut butter And this is just a natural peanut butter It's just ground peanuts with a little Bit of salt in it But no added oil or sugar We have a tablespoon of lime juice A half teaspoon of red pepper flakes And then a third of a cup of water Super simple But boy is it delicious So we're just going to blend this until It's a nice creamy sauce

Foreign Okay that's it just like 15 to 20 Seconds really All right Move that out move our pan over a little Bit here Okay so all we have to do really is just Pour it on here and I turn my burner Back down to low because I don't want This really to continue to cook but we Do need to cook this sauce onto it just Slightly so you're going to turn it down To low You're going to Stir It On And just let it cook for a couple more Minutes just so everything gets really Nice and coated And then I've got this is completely Optional too but this is two teaspoons Of sesame seeds that we're just going to Sprinkle on this before we eat them all Right so I'm going to let this cook for A couple minutes then we're done and I'll meet you at the table for a taste Oh we are done we gotta take a look at This delicious thing I'm gonna sprinkle Some sesame seeds on there before I eat It I like to use the sesame seeds just To give it a little extra crunch And they're delicious All right here we go You can smell the peanut butter and that Lime juice [Music]

So many delicious flavors in here Man you are going to fall in love with Brussels sprouts hmm I dare you Come on back next week for another great Recipe

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