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Aloha my friends Christina here and I Just want to let you know there are only 24 hours left to join my vegan and Juicing challenge if you haven't already Signed up Now's the Time don't hesitate Please go click on the link in my Description or bio and join it's a Complete guided program that encourages You to eat one raw vegan meal a day and Drink one fresh juice a day there will Be daily support Zoom calls recipes Fitness meditations guest speakers and More I've been a raw vegan for more than 17 years and I've successfully reversed My type 2 diabetes simply by changing my Diet I've dedicated my life to helping Share this gift of Wellness with others My own health journey is what inspired Me to create this 21 day challenge for You I truly believe there is no better Time for us to take care of our health Than right now I can't wait to share the Practices that have changed my life over The past nearly two decades with you Starting very soon I'll be hosting 21 Days of live interactive Zoom calls to Help guide you answer your questions and Empower you throughout this journey I'll Be providing all of the meal plans Recipes knowledge and information you Need to successfully incorporate more Raw or vegan meals into your lifestyle So you can restore yourself physically Mentally and spiritually the challenge

Is to eat one raw vegan meal a day Whether it be a smoothie a salad or one Of the Epic recipes listed in my ebook And or to enjoy one freshly pressed Nutritious juice a day if you're really Wanting to challenge yourself do both The goal of this challenge is to create Healthier lifestyle habits that will Carry us through the new year and to Achieve a greater level of physical Health mental awareness self-care mental Focus Consciousness and overall Well-being My Hope Is that this inspires You to eat more fruits and vegetables Whether you want to Simply do one Rome Meal a day one juice a day or go fully Raw all of the materials you need will Be provided for you maybe for you it's About receiving that extra needed Support and the benefit will come from Joining our daily life calls to learn More about what it takes to thrive on This lifestyle I believe that change Starts with us and this is an Opportunity to create an impact and Foster Community together around Wellness and healing individuals who Have participated in my previous Challenges have experienced benefits Such as increased energy better sleep Better physical performance weight loss Boosted immunity mental Clarity clear Skin improved digestion improved gut Health and overall emotional

Satisfaction to officially join this 21 Day vegan inducing Challenge and get Access to my full program head over to My website at fullyrod.com so you can Get immediate access to the membership Portal that includes two recipe ebooks With a complete 21 day raw and vegan Meal plan 21 pre-recorded day by day Guided videos and introductory video a Bonus video on how to maintain healthy Habits for when the challenge ends a Full three-week shopping list access to Our daily group Zoom calls meditations And more this challenge is for everyone Whether you are a beginner Desiring to Expand your knowledge of the raw food Lifestyle or whether you've been on this Wellness path for a while this is the Beginning of a new year and it's an Opportunity for you to achieve a greater Level of Wellness for yourself even After this challenge is over I welcome You to join my inner circle and those Who want to continue on their Journey Can receive weekly coaching and guidance From me the connection you will find Within this community is simply Life-changing my inner circle members Already have free access to this Challenge and will get access to our Private Facebook group to connect with Others who are joining The Challenge and Who are passionate about this lifestyle As well if you're ready to transform

Your body and heal in more ways than one I truly believe this 21 day challenge Will help give you the support you're Looking for right now and it will change Your life invite your friends and loved Ones to participate in this healthy Challenge with you everyone can benefit Sign up for the challenge and get access To all of the content Now by going to Fullyrod.com or by clicking in the link In the description or bio don't wait go Sign up now I can't wait for this Challenge to start and I hope to see you There

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